Mom Monday-Learning to be Patient

25 Sep

Possibly my greatest parenting fail is lack of patience and yelling at my kids. Not only do I get more upset when I yell, so do my kids. So, what exactly, is the point of me yelling? I’m sure most of you understand and can relate to the anger and frustration our sweet darlings sometimes evoke! But I don’t want my daughters to tremble at my ire. I don’t want them to fear owning up to their mistakes, or coming to me when they’ve messed up and need my help.  Learning to be patient is so important.

Learning patience at Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad


Recently, this point was driven home to me. Sometimes, my three and a half year old waits until the last minute to pee and then she has an accident on the bathroom floor (right in front of the toilet!). The last time this unfortunate event occurred, I got really angry. The frustration had been building from accident after accident, so I let her have it. I yelled, I scolded, I made her feel like a piece of dirt.


The next time she didn’t make it to the toilet in time, she surreptitiously went upstairs and changed clothes all by herself. When she came back in the room with a new outfit on, I just smiled, because this is not an uncommon occurrence in our house…my girl LOVES changing clothes, especially when I have the audacity to make her wear pants instead of a skirt, or anything that doesn’t sparkle!


So I didn’t think much of this event until later…when I went into the restroom and found some sort of liquid all over the floor. At first I was confused, and couldn’t imagine where it came from- until I remembered. My daughter recently changed her clothes after she made a trip to the bathroom…And then it dawned on me…


Why wouldn’t she hide the fact that she didn’t make it to the bathroom on time? The last time she told me, I yelled at her. I was mean and made her cry. So this time I resolved to do better. I went to ask who peed on the floor. First, she denied it happened.  Then, she said she didn’t know WHO peed on the floor! Then she blamed her little sister (who is still in diapers!). But finally, she confessed, as fear and uncertainty passed over her little face.


She remembered the verbal lashing she got the last time she had an accident. I hugged her and said, “That’s ok, but next time you shouldn’t wait so long to go to the potty! And you should tell me if you have an accident so we can clean it up!” She nodded, “Ok, Mommy. I’m sorry I peed on the floor. But I’m glad I told you!” And she grabbed me around the neck and gave me a great big hug.


Sometimes I’m not sure which one of us needs to grow up.



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