Mom Monday-Make your own photo booth

18 Jun

Looking for a great way to keep everyone entertained during your parties?  Our kids LOVE doing their own photo booths at home! Here’s how to make your own photo booth fun too.

We have always done our booths impromptu at home.  We decided to give it a try for our youngest child’s first birthday party.  Everyone had a blast, and it makes for HOURS of fun, especially when you have a large group of people.

Make your own photo booth with Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

Okay, so it isn’t an actual booth, but it works just the same!  I hang a backdrop of choice (we like to switch it up, and the size depends on the amount of people joining in), gather props, and start snapping pictures.

We use sheets or blankets for the backdrops, but you can use other things such as streamers from a rod, plastic table cloths, pretty shower curtains, etc.  For props, we use whatever dress-up items the kids have accumulated, sports equipment, and anything else we find laying around the house.  Let your imagination soar!

I love how the kids can find use out of almost anything – from hats to costumes to a pair of binoculars to a toy tea cup!

Make your own photo booth with Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

If you don’t have much or don’t have anything at all, you can buy many fun items at dollar stores.  Everything they sell is $1.00 (sometimes even 2 for $1).  I have also bought things from stores when they are 75% off after Halloween.  Thrift stores are another good place to find items, especially old fashion clothing.

You can make photo frames from card stock or cardboard and cover them accordingly.  With the help of a friend, one piece of a cardboard box was cut into a frame, covered with foil, then painted gold to give it a bit of an antique look.  You can get chalkboard signs and write messages on them.  You can also use a small dry erase board for messages.

Everyone trades costumes and props throughout the booth event.  I capture pictures of different groups of people but rarely someone alone, as I have found that is not nearly as fun and exciting for anyone.

We now do photo booths for parties, events, and even just with our kids at home.  It always provides hours of fun, laughs, and using our imaginations.

Make your own photo booth with Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad


If you try this at home, we would love to see YOUR photo booth pictures!  Post them below and tell us your favorite prop.


Karen is from Sunbeams and Heartstrings, where she co-blogs with her friend, Sarah. Karen and Sarah are stay at home moms (both due to medical reasons). Karen has a blended family of 13 kids (7 boys, 6 girls) ages 24 to 1. Sarah has 3 year old twin girls, a 1 year old son, and helps raise her 3 year old nephew. Both women enjoy cooking, baking, crafts, and helping others. You can follow them on their BlogFacebook, or Pinterest.

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