Mom Monday-The Great Christmas Tree Hunt

5 Dec

A holiday tradition is defined as a belief or behavior that is passed down and has a symbolic meaning from the past. Our family mission is to make laughter a priority in each holiday tradition we have. The possibilities in our family seem to be endless.  Here’s our tale on the great Christmas tree hunt.

The Great Christmas Tree Hunt on Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad


When my family comes together through tradition, we create lasting memories. I believe the main theme with each tradition is the laughter we share.  After all, laughter relieves tension, stress, elevates moods, enhances creativity and boosts energy.


For example, every year at Thanksgiving we purchase a tree permit, pack up some snacks and make a trip to the mountains in search of the most awesome Christmas tree we can find. Our family tradition started when our oldest child was born. Over the years, this has turned into quite the adventure.


The first year we were searching for our family tree in a blizzard with our four-month-old in tow. When we brought the tree home, it was 6 inches too tall for our vaulted ceilings! That was hilarious!

The Great Christmas Tree Hunt on Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad


On another occasion when our oldest was 2 and our youngest had just begun crawling we thought it would be a good idea to take a snowmobile with us. The snowmobile didn’t fit all four of us, so my youngest and I stayed in the truck and waited for our fabulous tree. Forty minutes later I watched hysterically as the tree came rolling down the hill with my husband chasing after it. BAM! The tree hit the back of out truck.


This past year our kids were old enough to hike into the mountains and search for the Horton family tree. The tree hunt turned out to be a great deal of fun. We found deer poop which meant “the reindeer must be training for Santa’s sleigh” but we didn’t find the perfect tree.


The kids were thirsty, hungry and tired, so we headed back home. On the way home my husband decided to leave us in the truck while he found a tree. After a few minutes there he was with a 7-foot tree slung over his shoulder. Our tree hunting adventures have brought us plenty of laughter over the years.


Traditions also tell a story about the family. They give children insight to the family history. This plays an important role in a child’s personal identity, strengthens the family bond and teaches value. Continuing family traditions is a great way to connect generations.


Positive childhood memories instill a sense of belonging. Memories and family traditions can create a strong family bond. My husband and I have fond memories of growing up and growing closer thanks to our family traditions. It is important to us that our kids have a similar experience.


Crystal Horton is a family strategist that provides proven practical strategies for “thriving” Crystal Hortonrather than “surviving” in today’s fast paced parenting world.  Crystal’s enlightening, energetic strategies are designed to promote a greater sense of family life balance while also opening deeper levels of communication within the family unit. Crystal is married and is the mother of three small children.  She lives in Colorado. To learn more about Crystal, her coaching programs or upcoming seminars visit

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