Mom Monday-Defining Family Values

4 Dec

My grandparents would routinely say “A family that prays together stays together”.  Through this continuous affirmation my grandparents, my mom, and my aunts formed a bond of commitment to each other. These family values passed from one generation to the next, providing me the understanding of how to form a common purpose with my family. A family that contributes to a common purpose gives affection, support and emotional strength toward each other.

Family Values with Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

Susie Duffy, a marriage and family therapist, defines family values as “. . . the foundation for how children learn, grow and function in the world.” Ideas passed from one generation to the next sets an example of how to thrive with teamwork, love and play. The core lessons of your beliefs and understanding of how the world functions start with you, the parents.

I believe family history is a foundation of understanding how family values form. Talk about your family history. Show pride in where you came from and how your family became the pattern you now live. If values are not clarified, parenting is confusing, frustrating and imbalanced.

Consider writing a mission statement that defines your core values. Good friends of mine, Jeni and Cameron, have their values framed and posted on a kitchen wall for their family to discuss during meal times. “In this home we are obedient, kind, caring compassionate independent and responsible.”

Some examples of family values include social, political, religious, work, moral and recreational beliefs. Share your opinion with your children.  Be open-minded to understanding that their opinion will change as they grow, and it may not agree with yours. Create a positive environment. Welcome new opinions. An opportunity like this encourages children to speak up without fear of judgment.

In conclusion, defining family values shows the pride and responsibility parents take for how they want their children to grow and flourish.


Crystal Horton is a family strategist that provides proven practical strategies for “thriving” rather than “surviving” in today’s fast paced parenting world.  Crystal’s enlightening, energetic strategies Crystal Hortonare designed to promote a greater sense of family life balance while also opening deeper levels of communication within the family unit. Crystal is married and is the mother of three small children.  She lives in Colorado. To learn more about Crystal, her coaching programs or upcoming seminars visit

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