Mom Monday-Baby’s First Halloween: Costume Struggle is Real

19 Oct

Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year. We didn’t get a lot of trick or treater’s while growing up in the country, but as a kid we would get even larger candy hauls from the houses we did go to. Now that I live in the suburbs I am really excited to be able to take my son out and have tons of neighbors to go visit.  We need to find a Halloween costume!

Costume time on Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

Being that it is my son’s first Halloween, I have really struggled with costume ideas. My son is only 9 months old and isn’t walking yet. He may be a little too young for the holiday yet but I still want to celebrate in some fashion. My plan is to take him trick or treating with some friends and their little ones and just enjoy some adult interaction. I plan to wear my son in his Tula, so a large, complicated costume won’t fit well.

Recently, I drove around like a madwoman checking out all of the shops. Where do you even buy Halloween costumes for babies? As a first time mom, I had to ask some of my friends. They all directed me to Old Navy, but my local store told me that they didn’t sell them anymore. They sent me 20 minutes away to the larger location at the mall.

I made one stop in between at another local shop and then made my way to the mall only to find out that Old Navy hasn’t sold children’s costumes in years. Geez! I wish that the employees were better informed so that I wasn’t driving from city to city.

Costume time on Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

After a very disappointing afternoon, I decided to look up costumes online. I was shocked to find out that children’s costumes cost up to $75 each. I don’t know about you, but I feel like that is a huge rip off! I was getting really frustrated. Especially, because my son is so young. He doesn’t even understand the premise of Halloween and it may even be scary for him.

Plus, I know that he won’t be able to wear the same costume for more than one year. I just can’t justify spending that kind of money. I’m still on maternity leave, so money is tight and I still need to buy him winter clothes for the upcoming season.

Then I got a bright idea!

Before my son was born I was planning to buy him a cute animal cowl to wear during the winter. They are knit scarves that wrap around neck and come up over the head. I was looking everywhere trying to find the best one for a great price. My favorites are the fox, wolf and bear cowls in a dark grey or black color.

My bright idea was to purchase the cowl that I’ve always wanted. He will be nice and warm while we walk around and I can dress him in the warmest clothes and not worry about fitting him properly in the baby carrier. He is going to be so cute with tiny little ears!

The cowl is going to cost the same amount as an entire costume, but my son will be able to grow into it and wear it for a few years. I think this is better value for my dollar and will still give a few cute photo opportunities.

Then, we can invest in some Halloween costumes when my son is a little older and starts to get excited about going out and trick or treating. I am so excited about my frugal win and how cute those ears are going to be!

How did you approach your child’s first Halloween costume?

Becky is a Canadian mom living in Ontario with her fiancé and infant son.  She loves adventure, Becky GroenEarl Grey tea and sleeping in. She’s addicted to frugal living, contests and deals!

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