Mighty Handle makes my job easier

18 Aug

Mighty Handle provided me with their product to review.  They will also provide one of my readers with a complimentary piece.  I feel honored to promote them.  I have given my honest review.  #bemighty

As a mom of a teenage daughter fashionista in the making, I spend a lot of time at the mall.  You know that you are there quite often when the kiosk workers all smile and call your name as you walk by!  To avoid my daughter from stopping her quest for the ultimate pair of jeans, I often carry all of the bags.  I wait patiently outside the entrance of the stores as she makes her way through the items inside.  She operates much like a hurricane works, if you’ve ever seen one!

I don’t mind waiting for her however if the mall happens to be busy, by the time she returns I can no longer feel my arms.  The stores all have their cute little logo shopping bags complete with paper, string or even wire type handles that start cutting into my hands about two minutes after I pick them up.  I spend most of my time shuffling them back and forth between my hands and wrists and forearms.

mighty handle to the rescue

Arriving home, I usually look like I’ve been in a catfight. I had heard about the Mighty Handle but couldn’t seem to get my hands on one (no pun intended).  I was thrilled that they asked me to try it out.

Here are the BENEFITS of this neat little product according to the developer.  See my other suggestions for Moms in parentheses.

  • Carry up to 50lbs at one time (hook it around Junior’s belt loops if he’s practicing the stairs)
  • Twist lock the bags to prevent spilling (or peeking eyes at Christmas time)
  • Carry all of your bags inside in one trip (well, enough said about that one)
  • Made in the USA (keep moms and dads working)
  • Environmentally friendly (Don’t we all want to leave the Earth a better place for our kids?)
  • Will cost no more than $5 (You’ll still have money leftover for a quick mani/pedi)


My teen thought I was crazy for wanting to use the Mighty Handle while shopping but  she ended up trying it for herself.  And, I got plenty of looks at the mall.  All envious of course as I happily strolled with my purchases and welt free hands.  The little cushiony grasp makes it so much easier.

It is so useful and timesaving; how did I live without it before?  

mighty handle wrapper

Lucky for you, I’m giving away one Mighty Handle to a lucky reader.  Enter here to win your own.
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