Michael Todd Eye Eraser Duo works wonders on my eyes!

4 Jun

This post highlights my experience with the Michael Todd Eye Eraser Duo found exclusively at Ulta Beauty stores and Ulta.com. #MichaelTodd #Ulta

In my never ending quest for anti-aging skincare, I was given the chance to try out the Michael Todd Eye Eraser Duo; an exclusive bundle that is sold at select ULTA Beauty stores nationwide and ULTA.com.

My daughter and I spend quite a lot of time in Ulta Beauty stores and have come to trust their products.  I am also pleasantly surprised to find their prices are much lower than department stores in the mall.

Helicopter Mom and Michael Todd Eye Eraser Duo #michaeltodd #ulta

I decided to try out the product for 30 days so I could give it a fair chance at impressing me.  Michael Todd happens to be one of the only companies that offers 30 day exchange or credit policy on their skincare products so it just made sense to test it for that long.

Seriously, aren’t you angry when you find a product that you think you’ll love and then get it home, try it and hate it?  It may work for someone else but not for you.  With Michael Todd you can simply exchange it for the proper product for your skin or get your money back.


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Thankfully, I didn’t need to return the Eye Eraser Duo as I noticed it working on my eye area.  It’s benefits include:

  • Maximizes the absorption of serums and moisturizers with ionic infusion and thermal warming
  • Warming action temporarily relaxes the pore lining for increased product absorption
  • Improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Promotes natural collagen and elastin formation
  • Gently infuses product into skin at more than 150 sonic movements per second


The Michael Todd Eye Eraser Duo comes with the infuser and the intensive cream eye treatment.  The little infuser is so neat. It’s battery operated so it sends the eye cream deep into your skin using sonic, ionic and thermal technology.  It is the world’s first Triplex Cellular Infusion Technology.

You don’t need to understand how it works in order to know it’s working.  The little buzz feels soothing on your skin and if you use it in the morning as I do, sort of stimulates you into getting the day started.  Don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt at all.

Michael Todd Eye Eraser Duo packaging #michaeltodd #ulta


Helpful hint to fight wrinkles: Don’t pull and drag your skin.  Tap and massage the eye cream gently.


The intensive eye cream is thick and clinically proven to reduce fine lines and dark circles.  Its proprietary ingredients are Haloxyl, Eyeliss and Matrixyl 3000.  Fancy names for the “good stuff” that’s inside the eye cream.

I loved the rich feeling of the yellow cream but wasn’t a fan of its smell.  I would prefer it to have a lighter fresh floral scent; it was sort of like unscented.  Regardless, it helped my #BeautifulSkin look better.

Michael Todd intensive eyecream #michaeltodd #ulta

I noticed after trying Michael Todd Eye Eraser Duo for thirty days that it plumped up the skin beneath my eyes.  I use moisturizer with sunscreen every day and they became much easier to apply as my skin was smoother.

When my skin is properly hydrated, it takes on a fuller appearance that makes me look and feel younger.  Sunken eyes and sullen skin age you quickly.  Glad to have found a product that does as it promises.  I’m excited to see other improvements in my skin since I’m going to continue using it.


What are your biggest skin concerns?


To get your exclusive deal on the Michael Todd Eye Eraer Duo, visit your local Ulta Beauty retail store or Ulta.com today! #MichaelToddUSA  #Ulta #EyeEraser

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