Kool-Aid Summer Creations-Big Time Rush tickets

3 Jul

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Our home is always filled with music and Kool-Aid beverages.  Just like our favorite juice drink, guess you could say we are “jammers”.  We all love to sing, dance and play instruments. 

kool aid jammers displays


Beloved always has music pumping through her earbuds and has been to more concerts than anyone I know (well except her Dad).  We are a family that truly bonds over a playlist.  I mean, how can you resist nodding your head to a great song?

Beloved enjoys a good boy band.  Heck, even in her parent’s day [circa 80’s], we had them.  Who can forget heartthrob Mark from NKOTB…not this mom. 

Today’s bands are talented, full-on entertainers.  Acting, singing, dancing, cutie patooties-the total package.  And BIG TIME RUSH certainly fits the bill.

Beloved was thrilled to hear that Big Time Rush was going to be on tour in St. Augustine.  Just a few hours drive to the other coast and smack dab in the middle of beautiful (albeit, haunted) east coast shore country.  Yes, you heard that right.  St. Augustine is known for its ghosts.  I sure hope that Big Time Rush knows what they’re getting into…screaming girls AND ghosts.

kool aid frozen ghost pops

Nothing feels better than winning and we found out that Kool-Aid is promoting a SUMMER CONTEST to win tickets and other free stuff!  Imagine going for FREE.  Did you say free?  Yes I did.

I was a bit nervous wondering what we’d have to do to enter and win tickets…dress up like chickens…bungee jump…kiss for several hours.  Okay the last one would be fun. Imagine my surprise when I realized we only have to come up with a Kool-Aid Creation that we photograph and upload to their website.  OH YEAH!!

Winners get tickets and a chance to meet the band.  Big Time Rush is touring all over and even if they’re not in your local area….two words…ROAD TRIP! 

Picture this: you’re driving your little red convertible across town, wind blowing in your hair, sun on your face, kids giggling in the backseat, 24/Seven playing on the radio.  Good times.

Beloved, Just Plane Dad and I jumped in the car and headed to Walmart to pick up our supplies; cost was less than $10.  We decided it would be perfect to make our summer creation all about the hot summers here in Florida. 

We grabbed several packets (old school style) of Kool-Aid drink mix, some fruit drink liquid drops, craft sticks and cream of tartar. Back at home, we made our version of frozen treats and playdough.  The treats are perfect for hot summer days and the playdough is just plain fun.  Can you think of a single person that doesn’t like it?

Orange playdough made with KoolAid

Check out our entire shopping trip to Walmart.

See our #KoolAidBTRtour Summer Creations recipes and WINNING entry


Luckily, if you don’t win the tickets (we’re hoping you do), you can still save money on a family 4-pack by downloading the Shoparoo app and scanning your receipt.  It took me less than 10 seconds to download the app and snap my receipt.  How easy is that? 

And every receipt you scan helps your kid’s school earn money-that’s a HUGE plus! If you happen to blog like us, add the Shoparoo code to your sidebar text widget so you can continue to support your local schools.

So head on over to the contest website and send in your family’s submission.  We can’t wait to see it so please stop back and post a link in the comments below.


By the way, be careful when shopping, the Kool-Aid Man has been known to photobomb!

Kool-Aid Man photobombed me!

Photobombed at Walmart


Hovering high and low, Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

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