KIDS EMAIL is the safest way for children to communicate online!

5 Apr

As an extremely protective parent, I relish any items that would keep my daughter safe. I’ve come to rely on my instincts as well as new technology to help me do my job. I came across the website and was immediately intrigued. They have compensated me for my honest opinion on their product.


kids email is safe


In a nutshell, it’s an internal email system for young ones (there’s something for teens too) that alleviates the worry of public emails getting through to your precious children. Once you sign up for the Kids Email, Mom will add all children and contacts into the online software. The parent can adjust a multitude of settings for each child to include profanity filters or allowing attachments.

If you have a pre-teen, they’ll like the “older” kid features that this system allows. Instead of the cartoons and cutesy icons, their account has a more grown up look. They also get a more traditional looking email extension…so they’ll fit in with their friends. Moms can choose to allow kids to invite their own friends into the account. It gives your older kids a bit of control that they’ll want while still allowing you to monitor what goes email flyer

KIDS EMAIL offers a FREE trial period so it’s nice that you can check it out before officially paying for the service. Since we have regular email accounts, we decided to give KIDS EMAIL a true test and used it exclusively for one week. Any communication that wasn’t face to face was done through Quite a feat for a teenager used to texting!

I must say that we ended up enjoying our little family test. Besides our usual little gab fests, we wrote random notes to each other for “fun” and I loved that I had a record of all little tasks and chores I’d given her to do. She can no longer say that I “didn’t tell her” to clean up her room because a feature of the email is that it will save all conversations!


Grandparents will love leaving love notes for the kids.



Kids today definitely are technology driven and they want to keep in touch with their friends and family.  They also want to have the same things that their friends do when it comes to electronics.  Sign up for the safe Kids Email and let them communicate safely under your watch; you can sign in from your mobile phone!  And since the kids know that you can record their messages, older kids will be better equipped to resist the peer pressure of more mature conversations.  Win-Win!



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