5 Tips to Keep Kids Safe at Camp

26 Jun

Parents everywhere fear for their children’s safety; sort of comes with the territory. Whether we’re shuffling our kids off to school or dropping them at a friend’s house, we worry about the choices they’ll make and the consequences. Being helicopter parents adds an extra layer of worry. We are entering the warm months and kids tend to be a lot more active and yearn for the outdoors. Inevitably, they’ll ask to go to summer camp. Here are 5 tips to keep kids safe at camp.

Keep Kids Safe at Camp with Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

Research the Summer Camp

Be sure to check out the summer camp that you intend to send your little ones too. Obvious choices are the YMCA and the program offered by your local church, but there are a plethora of reputable choices throughout your community and (dare I say it)…out of state.  I remember the big dreams I had of traveling to that oh so special summer camp in Florida.  Mickey, here I come!

You can keep kids safe at camp by asking these questions:

  • How do you screen your staff (background checks, fingerprints, offender registry)?
  • Are all of the staff trained in CPR and traditional First Aid?
  • How will you protect my child’s personal information found on the application?
  • What is your policy on bullying?

Team Up With A Buddy

Teach your children to be aware of their surroundings at all times. It’s important they understand there’s safety in numbers. Remind the kiddies that no matter where they go when away at summer camp, they must team up with a buddy.

Reputable summer camps will institute the “buddy” immediately. Little Johnny just needs to understand that having a buddy, means having a buddy everywhere.  Bathroom with buddy. Check. Lunchroom with buddy. Check. Smores by the campfire; sit with your buddy. Everywhere.

Always have a Buddy…don’t go it alone!

Don’t Share With Friends

I know, I know, this sounds counter-intuitive to what we teach our kids.  But at summer camp, things change. Sometimes our well meaning kids share their baseball caps, band shirts and (oh they’re so sweet) even give their lonely friends their most prized blanket. Unfortunately, summer camp is a prime spot for a super lice infestation.

Keep Kids Safe at Camp with Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

Should you get that note from the counselor, reach for a non-toxic lice treatment like [sponsored] Liceguard RobiComb. This electric lice comb is a safe alternative to the ineffective traditional lice treatments that are unsafe for our kids. Once you’ve treated their hair, use Launder Lice detergent on that huge pile of clothing that came home from summer camp. Don’t worry, it’s safe and made with essential oils; not chemicals.

RobiComb is chemical free so you can even send it to camp with the kids and teach them how to kill lice themselves.

Swim With A Lifeguard

A great tip to keep kids safe at camp is to make them promise to never swim without an adult or lifeguard present. No matter how adept at swimming your children are, accidents happen. Make sure they know that this rule is 100% non-negotiable. No jumping the fence at night, no pre-dawn dips in the lake.  Swim only in the appropriate areas when a lifeguard is watching. And be sure to wear sunscreen!

Keep Kids Safe at Camp with Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

Keep Kids Healthy at Camp

Summertime is a chance to loosen the reins a bit and allow kids some out of the norm freedoms.  Camp will be filled with ooey gooey treats, candy and an abundance of alien colored fluids that your kid will no doubt partake in.  Amidst all the junk they’ll eat and drink, be sure to remind them of the importance of water.

Staying hydrated in the heat and blazing sun will keep your kids safe at summer camp. Take a quick trip to the store and have your little ones pick out a special summer camp thermos. Stainless steel cups will keep their water cool and refreshing which encourages kids to drink more. Dehydration is real and dangerous.

We know it’s a stretch but if you can sneak a healthy snack pack in their suitcase with a special note, they are more apt to eat it. Kids can only eat so many hot dogs…send them off with some dried fruit and nuts. They’ll eat it when they’re desperate and you’ll feel better knowing they’ve made some healthy choices.

Summer is a wonderful time in every kid’s life and camp is just one of those times in their life they’ll remember forever. Make the experience wonderful for your kids by keeping your feelings in check and encouraging them to join in. This time can be fun for parents too (think of the alone time) and you’ll enjoy it more knowing that you’ve covered the bases with these 5 tips to keep kids safe at camp. 

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