The Kid Notice App made me feel safer

23 Aug

I was given the opportunity to review the Kid Notice iPhone app and have used the complimentary upgraded account for the past week.  Like everyone else, I’m addicted to my apps and this one offers features that speak to me as a parent. Particularly one that is overprotective like ME.

What is Kid Notice for?  It’s for parents that want one place to keep all of their child’s “in case of emergency” information.

Installing the app is just like others and after a few simple answers, you’ve created your profile. Essentially you input all pertinent information that a caregiver or friend would need to support your child.  I find it very comforting that the app allows you to input medical information as well as physician information.  So God forbid something should happen while your child is in the care of another; they will have all contact information at their fingertips.

kid notice app

I can see this app becoming very handy for those parents that want to allow their child the freedom of a playdate even though they suffer from extreme allergies.  You would obviously discuss the allergy (i.e. Peanuts) with the other parent and then share your child’s profile with them as a reminder.  Before serving lunch, the other parent simply checks into the app for particulars on what is acceptable to eat.  And if they have questions, your telephone number is right at their fingertips; another feature of the app.

Sharing your child’s profile is simple.  You simply email the other parent/caregiver/physician’s office/guidance counselor inviting them to use the app.  The email has instructions to download the app (for free) in iTunes.  Once they decide to install the app, they are asked to respond to the email request so that you know they have agreed to use the Kid Notice app.  Of course they will!

Once they confirm, you will then send the profile to them again and they’ll accept it.  The double opt-in feature is an added layer of security so that you know your child’s information is protected.  If they already use Kid Notice, then you just need the email address they registered with and the profile alert would go directly to them.

kid notice logo monster

In today’s busy society, our children spend a lot of time in the care of others.  From grandparents to teachers to the local teenage babysitter, this app is one small piece in their repertoire to keep your children safer.   I would have loved using this when I was a teen spending all that time caring for the neighborhood kids.  I used to have refrigerator sticky notes to remind me of important facts.  

Some other things that I know you’ll wonder about:

  • The caregiver cannot share your child’s profile with anyone else.  You establish a one-to-one relationship.
  • You can remove or update the profile anytime you want.
  • You can add multiple children into the app

All in all, I found this application to be a useful tool for parents and caregivers.  We have technology for a reason so let’s make the best of it.  And the little purple monster is as cute as can be-check him out!

For more info on the Kid Notice app, visit their website.  To download it now, click here.  Stop by their Facebook page too.

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