Is there really a healthy cookie?

5 Nov

Almondina provided me and my readers with samples of this product.  The opinions I share below are my own.

Here in Florida we don’t have to worry too much about autumn and winter months.  Our idea of severe is when the temperature drops below 60 degrees.  Seriously, we get out our jackets and use the warm air to defrost our car windows; it’s crazy but true.  Growing up in New York was slightly different; cold, snow and sleet.  Kids everywhere prayed that there would be enough snow to close school; although this rarely happened because our bus drivers were so used to the harsh elements, they could rival any professional Nascar driver.  If the bus could get through [and they always could], school was on.

Now I rely on local stores to remind me when the seasons are changing.  If pumpkin flavored goodies start to show their sweet delicious faces, it’s a good bet that cooler weather is around the corner.  This week we’ve had a few chilly mornings, which prompted me to grab the stepstool and dig out the old hot cocoa packets from way back in the far reaches of my pantry.  There is nothing like a warm cup of love on a brisk day and I’ve found the perfect snack to pair with it.

Almondina are extremely crunchy biscuit cookies that hold up well when dipped in a hot confection. This little dried cookie is also without fat, cholesterol, coloring, salt or preservatives.  You wouldn’t need the preservatives anyway as they won’t last long enough to worry about that!  If you’ve read my earlier post about healthy choices than you’ll know I’m thrilled with the simple ingredients and processing their company uses.

They explain health benefits on their website at Almondina.  The cookies come in several flavors [Pumpkin Spice is my favorite] and are suitable for Kosher and Vegan diets.  I found mine at my beloved Publix but Sweetbay, Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s also carry them.  They are Made in the USA [props to Ohio] and can be ordered online if you’ve already kicked into holiday internet shopping mode.  Lucky for you, I am also giving away a sampler packet to one lucky reader.

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The sampler has enough cookies to get you through several festive parties and those late night cravings. Kids will love them as an after school snack, crumbled on yogurt or sandwiched over ice cream.The cookie also has an endearing story behind its start: Almondina is the inspiring success story of a man whose great loves include both music and wonderful food. For generations his family loved his Grandmother Dina’s most secret cookie.  Grandmother Dina kept the secret until the end of her life; only then did she finally reveal it.  It is with her blessing and pride that the Zaliouk family shares these delicious, healthful wonders with your family.

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Well, I’m off to prepare the house for the cooler months.  In Florida speak, that’s changing the fan blade directions, hoisting the harvest flag and lighting the Fall scented candles.  Bring on the cold!

Hovering high and low, Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad


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