I fought Cancer and now help MasterCard #DoGood by dining out #MC

22 Nov

I am a member of the Collective Bias Social Fabric community.  I have been compensated to share my experience with you by Collective Bias and their client, MasterCard.  It is an honor working with both of them.

Dig In & Do Good with #MC #DoGood

Cancer affects so many families and we’ve got to find a way to Stand Up to Cancer.  I went through a bout with this monster and was overwhelmed with sadness when I learned that 1600 people die every day; 118,000 new cases in Florida alone were diagnosed this year.  So you can imagine how thrilled I was to hear that MasterCard is fighting back by donating 4 million dollars to cancer research and prevention.

As part of their Dig In & Do Good campaign and charity, that I heard about as a MasterCard holder, every time I use my card while eating out-they donate a penny.  I can single-handedly fight this!

MasterCard #DoGood charity

MasterCard holders are often invited to great discounts and priceless opportunities but I was particularly happy to hear about their current campaign to Dig In and #DoGood.  Several years ago, my physician felt a large lump near my windpipe and after extensive testing; we realized I had thyroid cancer.  I went from being a perfectly healthy woman to a statistic in 6 months.  Just hearing the “C” word scares the crap out of you but hearing it diagnosed in an organ that you’re not too familiar with is even scarier.  What does the thyroid do for you anyway?

Dig In & do good with #MC

Well, I’ve learned over the last four years that this small organ is responsible for a lot of the activity that goes on in your body; temperature control, metabolism and hormone regulation.  After two surgeries and lots of healing, I am blessed to say that I’m cancer free…I stood up to cancer and won.

Now as far as cancer goes, I was lucky.  Thyroid cancer is usually contained within the organ and its removal is rather simple.  Unlike my aunt’s breast cancer, it did not require chemotherapy or tons of pain and suffering.  My side effects are minimal; the most prominent reminder is a large scar across my neck.  Forever, a badge of courage, so to speak.    Others are not as lucky (yet!).  I see people living (thankfully) with every imaginable horror.  Their pain makes my scar seem inconsequential although it was life changing to me before I got used to its presence.  I silently pray for the other patient’s speedy recovery and that God will keep them on this Earth to fight, as he chose to do with me.  Even still…

 I always wonder if there is more that I can do to help.

MasterCard’s Stand Up to Cancer campaign is my answer.  SU2C is a groundbreaking initiative created to accelerate innovative cancer research to save lives.  Since I’m not a scientist, I will do what I’m skilled at-feeding my family.  Think about how easy it is to use your MasterCard when you are paying for dinner.  You’ve got to eat and you have to pay, right?   We use our card exclusively anyway and now that I know a donation is made that helps others fight Cancer; let’s just say, we’ll be eating out a lot over the next few months.  Just Plane Dad, Beloved and I strolled to our local hangout and treated ourselves to a nice meal.  And we know that MasterCard will #DoGood with this receipt.

Pay with #MC to #DoGood

MasterCard is accepted everywhere so whether your date night receipt is from The Ritz or KFC; a penny will go to fund the scientists that research Cancer.  I know that a penny doesn’t sound like much but put it with 399 million other pennies and it can #DoGood.  $4Million dollars will be donated if we Stand Up To Cancer together.  That’s an amazing amount of money!

#MC donates pennies

Every TWEET helps, CLICK to TWEET: 

Dig In & #DoGood with @MasterCard to Stand Up To Cancer.  Charity rocks! #MC

Think about it…it’s the holiday season…you’ll be out shopping every weekend for gifts.  Take along your hubby or a kid or two and don’t forget to give them your present hints; unless you really want another red tie???  Start everyone’s day off with a bagel and coffee, 1 penny!  Your kids are going to screech about how they’re starving around Noon so grab a sandwich, chips and soda, 1 more penny!  Once everyone’s arms are covered in store bags, fill your trunk and relax; shopping is done.  Congratulate yourself on finishing early this year and have a glass of wine with that Italian lasagna.  Guess what?  You just helped MasterCard Dig In & Do Good for another person!

Think of the good that we can all do when everyone does their part: PRICELESS.  Every receipt over $10 until 12/31 counts.  Tell your friends on Facebook and Twitter.  You won’t regret it!

What are you waiting for? How will you help fight?  Where are you dining tonight?


Hovering high and low, Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

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