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20 Sep

I am a member of the Collective Bias Social Fabric Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias and their client.  I am honored to work with both of them.


So, we’ve been using our Walmart Family Mobile service for about one month now and the kids love it!  The New Guy is now linked to the outside world with his cheap wireless plan and it’s strengthened our family unit by having us all within arm’s reach.  I’m not a huge fan of texting, but like it or not, it’s certainly a great way to communicate with the kids!

Teens using smartphone

As you recall when we bought the phones, we were looking for the lowest price rate plan we could find since we were adding a new Concord phone to our brood.  We also wanted to change providers for our daughter’s smart phone so that we would have an unlimited plan.

Walmart Family Mobile has proven to be an exceptional service provider for our family.  Not only can the teens talk and text incessantly (and they do), but both of them can surf the web for hours on end.


Here’s a breakdown of our savings after only one month:

Beloved’s service cost for 5G of data: $28.75 WFM vs. $80 old plan cost. Savings $51.25

The New Guy’s service cost for 7G of data: $28.75 WFM vs. $90 old plan cost. Savings $61.25


First month’s savings was $84.  It was actually more but I’ve factored in that we didn’t always pay for The New Guy’s phone so that’s a new expense for me.  And our first month was prorated so instead of the $39.88 we only paid $28.75 but even had we paid the full amount, our savings was substantial.  The more data they use, the more I save.  Sort of goes against the laws of nature.  It’s like getting the second smart phone service for FREE.

Smart phone for GPS

I treated the kids to a night at the theater to see their favorite horror flick, complete with that huge tub o’popcorn, candy and gallon-sized drinks.  Total for movie date was $51.  This girl still had money left over for a manicure.  !!SCORE!!

manicured hand #shop

One of the most important features for me as a parent is that I have an online record of the usage when I log into My Family Mobile account.  A quick glance helps me rest assured that the kids are only calling appropriate numbers and at appropriate times.  I can see if there were 2am phone calls.  I really like the paperless billing too; helps me preserve the Earth for future generations.

teen talking on phone with board #shop

Just Plane Dad and I love that we can plan out our budget for the year too.  We know exactly how much the cheap wireless plan will cost each month.  No more guessing or freaking out when our daughter goes over her allotted limit.  No more scrambling to re-organize funds to cover the bill.  $39.88 per month, every month, no matter what.


If I’ve sold you on the benefits and savings of switching to one of the best wireless plans around, Walmart Family Mobile, leave me a comment below and join me on Twitter using #FamilyMobileSaves.


What will you do with your extra cash each month?



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