HSA101 for Moms that prepare for their family’s medical care (before the emergency!)

4 Jan

It’s that time of year when we are making plans for our future. No one plans to become ill however if that happens, preparation will make it easier. HSA accounts make the unexpected bearable. UnitedHealthcare is working to educate families like yours so you can make the best choice.

Preparing for illness with Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

Not many people know my story and path to health. I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and hearing that word was very scary. Your mind instantly races to a place that you do not want to go. Luckily for me, the cancer was caught and my thyroid removed before it had an opportunity to harm.

During the two separate surgeries, I was so thankful that we had placed money aside tax free in our Health Savings Account (HSA). We’d made the decision (as a new year’s goal the year before) to set aside funds to pay for our medical expenses. Not something that most people think of often but so important. The fact that my medical care was already paid for “technically”, meant that my healing wouldn’t be hastened by unnecessary worry.

HSA accounts are set up through your insurance plan and you contribute an amount that feels right for your family’s needs. This contribution is made with tax-free money and allows you to “budget” for your insurance expenses ahead of time. As a mom, I love knowing that I can cover the preventative medical care and even emergencies with money that’s already set aside to use. Peace of mind.

UnitedHealthcare has launched a new site to help educate parents about their health care choices. It’s not the usual boring confusing site; it breaks down your HSA questions and benefits into manageable non-complicated verbiage. (MoMs are too busy for complicated and overwhelming)

Grab the kids and head over to the interactive learning modules where you’ll get a chance to #WIN while you’re learning about your HSA choices. They’ll love clicking the buttons as you move through the quizzes. It also breaks down health care terminology which can often be the most confusing part to understand. Planning for your 2017 health care needs and knowing the best place to go for care is important so don’t wait!


When I wanted to open an HSA, I had so many questions:

1. Why should I put money into an HSA? How will this help?

2. Do I have to be in perfect health to sign up? (I had several health issues at the time)

3. What if I don’t use the money that I contributed? (this one really bothered me because we live on a strict budget and I was sure the money was “lost if not used”)

HSA 101 on Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

Well no worries, UnitedHealthcare’s HSA101 can explain all of this for you but to give you the quick condensed answers:

1.Tax free money! YES PLEASE! And grandma can contribute to the account too.

2.Anyone can use an HSA regardless of their age, income or health.

3.You DO NOT lose your money. EVER. Funds carries over from year to year and you have complete control over your money; even if you change jobs or insurance plans.

Preparing for illness with Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

January is when MoMs like us start planning for the upcoming year and our kids are always on top of the list. You know there will be bumps and bruises. You know someone is going to get hurt playing sports. Take care of your medical expenses by setting up an HSA account.

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While you’re on the site, check out this activity too:

  1. Quick Care Quiz — a 2-part quiz that educates parents on where to go for proper
    care when you’re experience a specific health care scenario.

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Insurance doesn’t need to be confusing and scary. Not making informed choices is. Head over to UnitedHealthcare and engage with them on Twitter and Facebook.

What questions do you have about an HSA?

Hovering high and low, Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

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