How much allowance do you pay your kids?

23 Mar

As a child, I never received an allowance.  My parents simply paid for the things that I enjoyed and as a teen, I earned my own money babysitting.  I have grown into a money savvy adult albeit this happened organically as I certainly wasn’t taught frugality.  Beloved has not yet joined the working force so Just Plane Dad and I fully fund her activities.  We have tried using an allowance chart which soon became too cumbersome for me to keep up with.  We have tried splitting the money into separate cans for spending, saving and tithing; now where did we put those cans?

money coins

We seemingly tried every allowance tip out there and found that for us, a simple expectation of work is tied to all purchases.  While she doesn’t earn a specific amount from doing actual chores, we certainly expect that her room and pets will remain clean.  She is expected to do tasks around the house to help out, like vacuuming, dusting, setting the table.  I admire the fact that she appreciates her purchases whether our money paid for them or hers did.  We take every opportunity to teach her the value of money and how it works in society.  She does use a debit card and knows how it works.  She also knows why debit it better than credit any day.  Damn you interest!

She understands that we don’t have a money tree out back, although truth be told, we can afford most things she’d ask for anyway.  We do go overboard sometimes, after all she is our only child, but all in all, we have managed to raise a financially fit daughter without the use of a weekly allowance.

Hovering high and low, Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

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