How long does it take a teenage broken heart to heal?

20 Apr

There is a reason that songs have been written about this.    Breaking up is hard to do ♫  Beloved and World’s Best Boyfriend broke up today.  It was quick and unexpected, on everyone’s end.  What started as a brief comment, ended with a fully fledged breakup.  There was teenage broken heart, tears, lots of tears, and strangely enough, some of them were mine.  I have always lacked the switch that allows me to simply coexist with my daughter’s friends; I tend to care and nurture them as my own, thus falling in complete “mom love”.

Dating and teenage relationships by Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad


This is how it’s been with World’s Best Boyfriend.   He’s been around for a year and I’ve grown fond of him.  Apparently the fondness was all mine as Beloved so easily dismissed him and moved on.  Well not quite, but after the initial weeping, the requisite Facebook update and a complete bedroom overhaul of their photos, she seemingly picked up and moved on.  Oh how I wish that I had her spirit when I was younger; it would have served me well.  I’ve taught her how to become the teenager I never was.

Twenty five years later, I still remember the pain of breaking up with my first love. It may have prolonged my pain that I never outwardly spoke of my feelings to my mom [who would have listened wholeheartedly] and Beloved will talk about hers, in due time.  My daughter is resilient and while I‘m thankful that she took what I’ve taught to heart, I forgot to instill that nature in myself.  I lay awake hoping that World’s Best Boyfriend is eating properly, still able to enjoy the fun things we did together and that he also moves on quickly.  Let their little teenage broken heart start to mend as they are sure to break again in the future.

Hovering high and low, Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

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