Happy Father’s Day

19 Jun

Today is such a special day in many households.  It’s that one day of the year where we remember to honor the one person that holds your home together, Dad.

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I don’t know about everyone else, but around here, I sort of just expect my hubby to handle all the laborious tasks that I’d deem “not so fun”.  Trash collection, yard work, bug and snake rescue and handyman all top the list.  Just Plane Dad never complains about his honey-do list and he never lets us down.

You would think that this fact alone would serve as a reminder to me to extend my appreciation daily but somehow it seems to fall through the cracks. Life gets in the way and I often forget to tell him how very important he is to me and our daughter.  Thankfully, God knows that I’m often lacking in the appreciation department and created Father’s Day as a gentle reminder.

So today we get to treat Just Plane Dad like the King of our Castle because he truly is.  Whatever he wants today, goes.  Breakfast?  No problem.  Football reruns?  Happily.  Foot massage?  Ahhh, sure.  The thing is, he won’t ask for anything.

He will say he wants to just spend time with his “girls” and once again his special moment will be all about us.  I love this man.

When I was a little girl dreaming of the man that I’d marry, I wanted a nice guy that loved me and that seemed enough.  I got so much more.  He is the love of my life, he blessed me with my one and only child and he truly believes the sun rises and sets on the women in his life.

I couldn’t have dreamed this big and I never factored in the “dad” equation.  He is an amazing Dad that managed to forge a relationship with his daughter that is unbreakable, steady and beautiful to watch.

I remember little from the day my daughter was born but I’ll never forget looking over and seeing, not just seeing, but KNOWING that the tears streaming from my husband’s face were pure joy at his new found status: DAD!

I love you.

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