Happy Birthday to our daughter

31 Jul

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Beloved
Happy Birthday to you!

Make A Wish!

Make A Wish!


Birthday Wishes

Today our daughter turns 17.  I’m not quite sure how that happened, yet it’s here.  I think back to her arrival in our life and smile as I recall how happy she’s made it.  Seems like a lot of pressure for such a small baby.  Yet she did it!  Just Plane Dad and I know that we hit the jackpot when God blessed us with her.

I thought about what I wanted to write in this post that could express what this day means to me and kept getting stuck on one factor: she is growing up and my job as I know it, will soon be over.  Of course, as we enter a different stage in each other’s lives, we will ultimately always be mother and daughter.  But not as we are today.

I have watched her birthdays progress from the first one (she put out her birthday candle with her hand!) to her sixth (she invited her best boy buddies) to her thirteenth (girls sleepover) to today (“I don’t think I want a party this year”).  Each day is so vividly engraved in my mind that I no longer need photos to remember.


Gift Ideas for a Teenage Girl

Today amidst the small family celebration, my daughter will open her assortment of gifts.  Yes, there will be the typical teenage items such as clothing, makeup and money.  She’ll spend time with her Dad and grandparents and no doubt, new photos will be taken.

But most importantly, when the wrapping paper has been removed and the night has come to an end for our beautiful girl that has seemingly grown up overnight…I hope she remembers the most important thing she got today…the Present.

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