Goldfish Puffs and the Teen Snack Attack!

7 Jul

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My daughter and her friends regularly have sleepovers at our home.  Most of them (okay all of them) involve 3 things: Music, Movies and Snacks!  We saw that Pepperidge Farm was coming out with a new Goldfish Puffs and we knew we had to have them for Girls Nite!  Our home is never without the Goldfish Colors crackers so I hope we enjoy the Puffs just as much.

 target parking lot

We headed to Target to get the items that we’d need to make this sleepover a fun and delicious night.  Since the girls enjoy watching movies, the scarier the better, we knew we needed snacks to eat during the mayhem that was sure to ensue.  Amongst the shelves of boxed crackers, there sat the Goldfish Puffs.  Each bag is colorful, Beloved headed straight for the purple bag, and decorated with the ever so cute smiling fish.  You can’t miss them on the shelf as they’re more like chip bags in a sea of square boxes.    

 stocking up on Goldfish Puffs

My girl loves a good theme party.  It provides her the chance to dress a certain way, decorate in preferred colors and just go overboard with the chosen theme.  She decided that an ocean theme was the most obvious choice since she’d found the new “fishies”. 


The girls came over wearing their swimsuits, overnight bags packed to the hilt (are they staying for weeks?) and ready for movie watching. Some of the girls ate tuna fish sandwiches, some had fish sticks, everyone had blue “ocean water” to drink and of course the Goldfish Puffs.  Just Plane Dad and I, being of discriminating taste, decided to have ours over tomato soup.  Absolutely delicious! 

campbells soup and goldfish puffs

The Goldfish Puffs come in 3 flavors, Buffalo Wing, Cheddar Bacon and the ever popular Mega Cheese.  These are poofy, crunchy and almost a velvety texture.  Have a toothpick ready!  Beloved wasn’t too fond of the more exotic flavors but enjoyed the Mega Cheese.  The other girls were a bit more adventurous, some even mixing flavors (that was interesting).  Just Plane Dad who coincidentally was NOT invited to the party (he didn’t seem to notice) absolutely loves the Buffalo Wing flavor. 


During the movie, I asked the girls if they were ready for their popcorn and all emphatically agreed that they wanted to #makeitgopuff instead.  ATTENTION ALL PARENTS, this is a huge plus…you are no longer held captive in front of the microwave waiting for pop, pop, pop…you simply throw them the bag.  And like magic, your chip clips will all return to their homes, because the Goldfish Puffs have their own sticky self-sealing strip.  No more stale chewy snacks! 

 scary movie snacking

The girls had a great time, giggled until their sides hurt and stuffed their bellies full of food.  I like that the Puffs are made with whole grains and colored with spices, not artificial junk.  It’s hard to find nutritious teen snacks that they’ll eat, most can buy their own candies and soda, so Pepperidge Farm hit it out of the park with these!  


I asked the girls what they loved about the new Puffs and they all agreed that the bigger size felt more “grown up”, not the little crackers they remember in daycare.  And since I’ve got girls who all stress over their looks even though they are all stunning, each liked the fact that it didn’t feel like they were eating as much of the fish because they were bigger and filled up their hands.  Who knew that Goldfish Puffs would help with their self-esteem?  I’d say we’ve found a winner!


Hovering high and low, Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

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