Glass Dharma straws

27 Mar

We couldn’t wait to review the newest line of Glass Dharma glass straws.  They are handmade in the USA and better for the environment.  It was an honor working with them.

Glass Dharma glass straws are a great way to enjoy your drinks without worrying about the waste from a regular plastic straw or your health from plastic leaching into your drinks.  We try to live our life using sustainable, reusable products but I truly never thought that would include using glass straws.  I didn’t even realize they existed before we found this company.

glass straws are eco-friendly

We’ve spent a week using the new products and have fallen in love with them.  I know what you’re thinking, glass straws must be dangerous…and we felt the same way.  So we started the week gingerly using them and acting as if at any moment they would shatter before our eyes. They didn’t.  They are made from the same sort of glass as your Pyrex pie plate.  Great, now I want pie!

Once we realized how durable the Glass Dharma straws were, we stopped worrying and started enjoying the benefit of the straws.  By the way, they d0 come with a lifetime guarantee from breakage so you can sleep better at night.  Don’t go trying to break them, but with regular use you should be happy together for years.

glass straws from Glass Dharma

Here are my top reasons for using Glass Dharma straws and why I’ll never go back to paper or plastic.

1. Did I mention they are made in the USA?  Love that!

2. Living in Florida, we drink tons of water.  Beloved and I actually prefer using straws so it can become quite expensive purchasing them in the stores on a weekly basis.  Since Glass Dharma straws are reusable, we definitely get our money’s worth.

3. Beloved has always chewed on the tips of her plastic straws.  It drives me crazy seeing this and I abhor reaching for my cup and finding that she’s taken a sip and gnawed my straw flat.  She can no longer do this to me!  (By the way, when we opened our box, this was the first thing she did.  Grabbed a straw and chomped.  The kid is crazy!)

4. I no longer find those little white paper “worms” laying all over my house.  With Glass Dharma straws, you simply rinse them off (or use the specialized brush to clean them) and let them air dry.  No mess and no more paper in the landfills.

5. Plastic straws are ugly, let’s face it. Glass Dharma offers an array of sizes and decorative colored dots on their straws.  Get a bunch in different colors and you can color code your drinks at your next girls night out!

6. I love the thickness and bend of the 9.5 Ice Tea straw.  Something about the bend makes me happy.  It also keeps my straw easily in reach on the edge of every cup.

Check out Glass Dharma’s website and order a few sets for your next get together.  If you enter our giveaway, you could win a gift certificate and buy an assortment of straws.

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As parents, we need to take every chance we can get at preserving our World for our little ones and eco-friendly glass straws are a great first step.  Like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

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