Memories flood in with Glade® Limited Edition Winter Collection scents

10 Dec

This shop has been compensated by #CollectiveBias Inc. and its advertiser and the memories are all our own.  Relive the moments of your childhood with the Glade® Limited Edition Winter Collection. #HolidayWithGlade is the best one of all.

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When I was younger, my family would trudge out into the woods for our very own Christmas tree.  My father just loves the wilderness and some of my fondest memories stem back to our jaunts into the great unknown.


Of all the memories that I cherish the most, the hunt for the perfect tree is at the top of the list.  Our parents would drive us to some secluded snowy spot high in the mountains where we’d have our pick from hundreds of trees.  Tall ones, skinny ones, short and wide ones; each perfect in its own way.

Spend the #HolidayWithGlade at Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad #ad

My sister and I would scour the landscape until we found the most beautiful and majestic tree that we just “felt” would be the one.  Knee deep in snow, we’d stand and watch our father cut off just the right amount of the treetop.  As its powdery covered tip would fall to the ground, we’d be awash in the smell of balsam oozing out of the branches.


The smell would fill the air and remind us to be thankful for the blessings that nature always provided.  Getting the tree back to the car was always a feat filled with laughter and sticky sap covered fingers.

Spend the #HolidayWithGlade at Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad #ad

Mom would be waiting nearby to wipe our drippy frozen noses, remove our ice filled boots and snuggle us into the backseat for the cozy ride home amidst the branches.  The aroma of the freshly cut tree soon filled our entire car and we relished in it for the long trip home.  Little did I know at the time that the intense smells of that day would stay with me forever.

Decorating the tree soon followed and I can still hear the Christmas carols playing as me and my sister fought over who would get to place the angel that year.  Truthfully, what we loved was our Dad throwing us into the air, twirling us around by the arms and finally letting us rest the elegant topper on our Christmas miracle.

Spend the #HolidayWithGlade at Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad #ad

Bellies full of hot cocoa; we’d fall asleep minutes before the man of the hour arrived.  Not once did we catch Santa in the act, but he never disappointed us.  He’d linger just long enough to finish his cookies and enjoy the tree’s fragrance.


Now that I have a daughter and we’re creating our own memories, I tell her stories about my youth and how thankful I am to have special parents that made the holidays unforgettable.  I hope that I’m doing the same for her each year.


Jar candles and premium room sprays have always been present in my holiday activities.  The sparkling glass containers, beautifully colored waxes and cans and their memorable aromas take me back to when I was a little girl and all was peaceful in the world.  A time when family came first and togetherness was the best present.

Seasons Greetings from Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad #HolidayWithGlade #ad

I continue the bond between generations by making sure that Beloved has the same experiences that I had, just in her own way.  Christmas trees aren’t prevalent where we live so ours is either store bought or a faux version.  I share my personal feelings around the holidays and now, I can share the smells that bring about those feelings.


I recreate the magic with the Glade® Limited Edition Winter Collection available at Publix.  It’s hard to choose which fragrance is my favorite but the BE AT PEACE™ Balsam Fir & Juniper definitely helps create a feeling of wonderment.  We can find our tree and the jar candles at the same store which is great for this busy Mom.

Seasons Greetings and Happy #HolidayWithGlade #ad

I love the Glade® Limited Edition Winter Collection scents below:

BE AT PEACE™ Balsam Fir & Juniper


SEND A LITTLE LOVE Vanilla Biscotti™

SHARE THE SPIRIT™ Pomegranate Sparkler™


The holidays are such a special time for families and as parents, we are always looking for ways to linger over that treasured moment.  Scents of the season are the perfect way to bring feelings of peace, joy, warmth, spirit and nostalgia into our home.


Which scent will you try out this Christmas? 

Which Glade® Limited Edition Winter Collection scent will you try this year? 

Peace during this season and #HolidayWithGlade #ad

Happy Holidays, Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

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