The garage is now the Man Cave, thanks to Bright House BHTV.

12 Dec

During football season, Just Plane Dad is totally engrossed in Chicago Bears football.  While I’m thrilled that he enjoys his home team, this often means that I have to go an entire season without the luxury of my recliner in our theater room.  I do not (I repeat) do not watch football.  Bright House Networks TV (BHTV) is about to change all that!

Bright House BHTV

BHTV is a free (yay free!) service available to all Bright House Networks video customers.  You just set up your MyServices account and then you can download the app at either Apple App Store or Google Play.  View up to 250 channels (as part of your regular service) on your cell phones or on your computer at BHTV Bright House.  

Just Plane Dad can use BHTV on his cell phone (or laptop) anywhere in our house.  It can Make Any Room a TV Room!  He can view live HD programming while in the living room, kitchen or in the new Helicopter Mom designated Man Cave.  In wife speak, that’s the garage.  Ours is attached to our home so he can be out there happy as a clam and I get my recliner back!  Beloved can even watch her shows out back with her friends; it works within our home’s wireless network range. 

I like that Bright House offers flexibility for our program viewing and you will too.  Especially during this holiday season, I’m often busy creating an amazing recipe in the kitchen and just don’t have time to plop in front of the TV upstairs.  Now I can watch all of my favorites on my laptop.  How I will keep flour off of it, I’m not sure yet? 

Here’s some other benefits of the BHTV app:

  • Favorites – Tag favorite channels from your set-top box guide to build your BHTV Favorites list.
  • Search – Use the Search box to find shows by channel or show title on your BHTV app and set-top box.
  • Channel Guide – Scroll through the easy-to-use Channel Guide and see “What’s On Now” right there on your computer, iPad, iPhone, and select Android devices.
  • Watch live TV – Tap to watch some of your favorite live TV programs instantly on your computer, iPad, iPhone, and select Android devices anywhere in your home.

If you have additional questions, be sure to check out BHTV’s FAQ page; it may answer many of the questions you have.  If you need to contact customer support, they are easy to reach.  Follow Bright House support on Twitter, tell them we sent you!  This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Bright House Networks for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. Enjoy the show!

Hovering high and low, Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

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