Fysiko Eyelash Serum-1 month followup

19 Jul

So here we are one month out from my initial Fysiko review.

Refresh your memory by reading where I started.

I have to say my eyelashes are thicker, fuller and definitely more healthy.  Fysiko works.  My lashes are stronger and I have barely lost any during this first month.  And for me that’s definite success.  I have extremely brittle hair due to my thyroid being removed.  Yes, I take daily medication but it’s not the same.  You can read about my journey here.

All in all, I’m very pleased with Fysiko’s claims.  Just one month into my test and I have lashes that more beautifully frame my eyes.  I have not yet seen my “empty” spaces fill in, but I’ve got a few more months to go so I’m confident it will happen.

Here’s my MONTH 1 photos.

eyelash serum results

Hovering high and low, Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

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