Be confident before and after sex with Fresh and Sexy Wipes

23 Sep

I am a member of the collective Bias Social Fabric Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias and their client.  I am honored to work with both of them.


Just Plane Dad and I have been married for over 24 years and knowing every nuance of my spouse can make it difficult to keep intimacy fresh and sexy between us.  So as committed TEAMMATES, we have to find creative ways to break out of our daily rut and surprise each other. Fresh +Sexy wipes help our spontaneity by tending to our personal hygiene needs after sex.   

 husband and wife kissing

We’ve entered that time of year when many wives start to feel a little lonely.  Most of the time, lovemaking is a regularly occurring activity.  But come the end of September, the dreaded “f word” takes over.  Yes ladies, football! 


Just Plane Dad is extremely attentive to my needs and I rarely find myself having to do anything extra to encourage foreplay, but bring on the bright stadium lights, deep green grassy turf and oversized helmets and I have to split my hubby’s attention with a Bear from the Windy City. 

 before and after sex wipes

No problem.  I use the soft cloth wipes discreetly to freshen up before BLITZing the man cave.  I’m now confident enough to quickly RUSH in at half-time.  A quick HIKE of my teddy and I’ve got his attention with my fresh and sexy look.  I TACKLE my man.  Since I’ve only got about 20 minutes, I avoid FUMBLING and get down to business.  There’s no time to HUDDLE so I’m in and out of the room before Just Plane Dad even knows what hit him!  A quick wipe afterwards and he’s back in the GAME and I’m off to handle my to-do list.  !TOUCHDOWN!


I think as a busy couple that we often put off being with each other because we have so many other things sitting on the SIDELINES that take priority.  We can’t seem to find the time for intimacy; sad but true.  We’re so in love but often too tired to show it.  Marriage needs to remain FRONT and CENTER in our life.  Fresh and Sexy wipes gives back a small portion of time so that we can focus on each other instead.  Who really wants an INTERCEPTION when they’re tired?  They remind us that “quickies” help nurture our love life.  

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Now don’t get me wrong, I love OVERTIME; it’s just not always feasible.  Sometimes it’s too late to commence a night session or we’re rushed to start our day.  SNEAKing time for intimacy can be fun and exciting.  Spend time planning the “SCORE”, not cleaning up after it!

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 How would you use Fresh and Sexy? 

When was the last time you surprised your spouse in the END ZONE?

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