Family Easter dinner made easy with HoneyBaked Ham

26 Mar

You’ll find Easter dinner party prep tips for teens and food served from HoneyBaked Ham.  I was compensated for our delicious meal and feel honored to work with a great brand.

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As a child, I loved spring and Easter and all that went along with the newness of the Earth.  Bible stories, bunnies and candy filled my mind throughout most of April.  My family would celebrate the holiday with a traditional homemade meal and then spend the day decorating and hiding eggs for the kids.  Mom would take us to pick out a fancy dress and don’t even get me started on those white patent shoes!  Easter is truly a little girls dream.

Cut to present day reality and I’m a busy working mom that can barely remember to eat let alone cook from scratch.  Yet, I still want my daughter to anticipate the special days of her life so I find ways to fake it while I “make it”. Or more appropriately, while HoneyBaked Ham makes it. They offer simple, delicious and convenient party foods that are perfect for overwhelmed moms; and they’ve been feeding families since 1957!

Dessert peeps


Easter dinner of my youth included ham and the usual suspects-mashed potatoes, green beans and rolls; all I can get locally (items may vary by location so call ahead). My daughter is now a young adult so I figure this is a great time to teach her how to prepare for entertaining guests during a holiday celebration. Sssh-she won’t even realize I’m passing the torch.

Beloved and I sit down to brainstorm and then head to the store.  We need to grab the decorations and select the meal.  There are lots of options but we just can’t resist their ham as the main course with some mashed potatoes and macaroni and cheese.  As soon as you walk in the front door, you are hit with this sweet enveloping aroma of the glaze.  We stop long enough to get our items and sample the classic turkey sandwiches they offer for lunch-YUM!

It is so fun to watch Beloved think through how she wants the atmosphere of the dinner party to be.  Easter is one of her favorite holidays and she still gravitates towards the “cute and fluffy” style rather than formal.  Our dining room will be full of bunnies, chicks and pastels.

Decorating for easter dinner


Here are some of the tips that helped her prepare:

  • Plan out your to-do list before the party and create a timeline.

To Do List

  • Create a list of menu items.
  • Order the spiral sliced ham so it’s easier to serve.
  • Clip coupons when they are available.
  • Pick up party supplies from a store nearby; less driving is a timesaver.

Beloved shopping for #HoneyBakedEaster decorations Beloved wearing #HoneyBakedEaster bunny ears

  • Use paper decorations for easy clean up. Recycle them if you can.
  • Lower the thermostat for guests comfort; it’s 82 here so a/c is a must!
  • Create ambiance with candles; unscented are best so they don’t interfere with the food’s taste.
  • Move your vehicles to the curb so guests can use your driveway.
  • Play some background music to avoid silence while everyone is eating.
  • Have games ready in case your guests linger.
  • Always put a time frame on the party invitation-trust me on this one!
  • Be gracious and thank everyone for coming. Send leftovers home with them.

Bless this meal on easter

Tukker begging for HoneyBaked Ham

Beloved did an amazing job planning for our Easter dinner.  Hopefully she will grow to love entertaining, if only so I can sit back, relax and enjoy myself more.  The theme she created is fun, the food delicious and it’s always nice to be with friends and family.  Gotta go, dinner’s ready!

Party time

When was the last time you visited HoneyBaked Ham? Check them out on Facebook.  Their foods are the perfect solution to your holiday meal planning.  Turkey, ham, desserts and several side dishes to choose from will satisfy your loved ones.

When is your next party?  What tips would you add to our list?

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