Energizer Bright Headlights will #LightMyWay during the summer

3 Jun

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Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad were thrilled to participate in a fun summer activity with Energizer.  Our family’s mission-“to come up with creative ways to use the Energizer Headlight in our daily life”.  Mission accepted!


Mission #1-Alligator Tipping Spotting

Our small neighborhood rests on a big ole’ lake in central Florida and if you know anything about water here, you know the cardinal rule: Look before you leap, there WILL be alligators. 

feeding frenzy at the alligator pond

The wildlife is a fact of life for kids growing up here and since the alligators seem to worship the sun as much as Floridians, finding them is easy.  Most days they are camped out on the side of the rivers and lakes sunning their buns. Nighttime gets a bit trickier as they go on the prowl for food in the water. 

The best way for spotting these beautiful reptiles is with the beam headlight.  It looks where you look, since it’s attached to your cranium.  And I don’t know about you but I don’t want to be fumbling around with a hand held flashlight just 20 feet from a mama gator that could eat me. If she moves [little bit o’ trivia: she can run about 20mph], I want to be able to run like the wind in the opposite direction, so hands free lights are the only way to go. 

We have always enjoyed heading to the dock and spotting the shiny little alligator eyes in the water.  Using the headlight with its bright LED’s made this evening so much more enjoyable as we quickly found what we’d come for.  Is it just me or are alligators one of those “so ugly they’re cute” creatures?


Mission #2-Mr. Fixit’s New Tool

Just Plane Dad is our family’s mechanic and handyman.  He can repair anything.  In 20 years, I’ve never had something break that he couldn’t fix or make better.  Forget the lottery; this guy has saved me millions! 

I always ask him how he learned to do these tasks and he just shrugs.  Personally, I think it’s one of those super secret, underground fraternities ala the Freemasons, that taught him these things as a boy, but he won’t admit it.  Guess that’s a need to know basis and clearly I don’t need to know. 

It’s pretty rare that I’m invited to participate in anything mechanical around the house but since we’ve got the new work headlight, I decided to put it to the test and volunteer my services.  I mean really, how hard can it be to stand over the truck and light up the workspace? 

#energizer work light


10 minutes go by; 15 minutes go by, what in the world? Okay, I’m done here.  Just Plane Dad happily grabs my headlight and continues working.  Now, just so you don’t think I completely abandoned my post, I stopped out an hour later to see how things were going.  He’d long been finished with the truck and was rearranging his toolbox, headlight beaming from his handsome forehead.  Another successful evening.


Mission #3-Vampire Navigation

Since our lovely teenager is homeschooled, she pretty much gets to make her own hours.  Like a vampire, she sleeps all day and is up all night trolling the dark for food.  We have a two-story home and her path to the refrigerator includes 1 dark creepy stairwell, 16 treacherous stairs and 1 hardwood floor ready to mess with any sock wearing person that dares cross it’s path. 

Enter the Energizer headlight’s bright, clear beam of light.  The strap makes it easy to hang on her headboard so it’s within reach for those midnight cravings.  The small light brightens up her walkway and keeps her hands free for snack grabbing.  The headlight clicks on/off with one large button so it’s easy to use. 

Her Dad and I had gotten so used to her bumping into the walls as she made her way down that we now sleep like babies without interruption.  We don’t hear a peep.  Hmmm…is that good or bad?


Mission #4-All You Can Eat Spider Buffet

This experiment was without a doubt the most fun and gruesome.  We have lots of creepy crawly things in our yard.  Frogs, lizards, snails, bugs and my personal favorite: spiders.  No, I don’t like spiders, but I have a sweet storybook memory stuck in my mind about an awesome spider and pig that makes me forget how gross they really are. 

We leave our spiders to do the “thing that spiders do” as long as they do it outside.  One spider, we’ll call her Charlotte [tee hee], has lived under our sconce for years.  This could be Charlotte #10 for all I know but I prefer to think she’s grown old with us.  To her credit, she makes beautiful webs and has never once tried to jump on me. 

To reward her, we thought it would be a nice gesture to give her a veritable smorgasbord [echo] orgasbord orgasbord.  We hung the headlight near her web, turned it on and left it there an hour.  View the all-you-can-eat buffet here.


Mission #5-Family Walks

We love taking walks as a family in the evening.  It’s amazing how much you can find out about each other’s day when the words flow freely.  I love seeing the homes all aglow from the inside, enjoy trying to guess each person’s story as we pass and breathe in the dryer sheet smells of those doing their laundry.

What I don’t enjoy is carrying the flashlight, doggie-doo bag, leash, cell phone and water bottle with only two hands.  Let’s give our nifty little night headlight a job to do.  We wrap the stretch band around our dog’s middle, tuck the doggie-doo bag under the band and head out. 

Our dog barely noticed that he’s now become this beacon in the night and is actually lighting our way.  Check out how cute our Schnauzer is wearing his light.

  dog wearing #Energizer headlight

The beam headlight is bright enough for drivers to see us and ours has reflective strips on the strap.  Lucky for the drivers in the neighborhood, as we used to shine the flashlight directly into their eyes when approaching to get their attention; no need now.


Mission #6 Ghost stories in our fort

Reading is one of my favorite pastimes so I thought it would be a great way to try out the headlight.  Unfortunately, this didn’t work so well since it’s so bright that it lights up the entire room and not just my book. 

However, that got me to thinking…ghost stories would be just right using the “night vision” lens our headlight offers.  It glows Red LED and casts an eerie ambiance that’s perfect for some scaring.  Beloved has a huge fort that lends itself nicely to family bonding over spooky stories. 

We all head outside and prepare our scare circle.  We don’t want to lessen the effect of the red glow so reading a story with the white light is out-I’ll have to wing this one from memory.  

“It was a dark and stormy night….mwah ahh ahhhh”


Fun things to do with the Energizer Headlight at night

  1. Light up your Flag and flagpole
  2. Light Tag with the kids on your block
  3. Signal your best friend through the window with Morse code
  4. Hiking through the woods 


Things you can do with the Energizer Headlight during the day

  1. Find that sock you dropped behind the dryer
  2. Locate your missing contact that just fell on the floor
  3. Peek down the drain to see if your wedding ring fell in there
  4. Check out that mystery hole in your backyard


Our family had a blast thinking of fun out of the box ways to use the Energizer Headlights.  Each light comes with its own batteries and the LED bulb will last a lifetime.  They are lightweight, adjustable, shatter and waterproof.  So let the kids have at ‘em.

brilliant beam energizer light

We bought ours at Walmart for around $20 but they have $5 Trailfinder styles too which is great if you have more than one child. 

They can each have their own and trust me and Trust Energizer®; they’ll come up with some neat ways to play with it; if they can get it away from you!


Send some love at @EnergizerBunny and on their FaceBook page.


Hovering high and low, Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

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