Free Homeschooling Guide for New Homeschoolers from Educents

8 Jul

When we first started homeschooling our daughter, I was so nervous about lesson planning, staying on schedule with traditional schools and making sure we were able to adjust to being together all day long that I lost sleep.  We wanted to do the right thing for our child and her education.

Luckily for us, our state offered a wonderful virtual program that we were able to use as a curriculum guideline.  Once we realized the benefits of keeping her home (like the ability to provide more hands on in subjects she was struggling in),  we were thrilled to have made the decision to homeschool.  Are you thinking about homeschooling this coming school season? 

I get a lot of questions from parents who want to start homeschooling but don’t know where to start. “What are the state policies? What are the different types of homeschooling? What home school programs should I use?” Download this free, Getting Started Homeschooling Guide to get the answers.home school guide

The free homeschool guide includes:

  • Getting started checklist (Tip: Print this page!)
  • Legal policies by state
  • Explanations for 8 types of homeschooling
  • Curriculum suggestions for each type of homeschooling
  • A list of resources that new homeschoolers should bookmark
  • Total of 15 downloadable pages that you can print or save onto any device


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Getting Started Homeschooling - Free Guide on Educents

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