Do you feel it’s safer now for kids or when you were growing up?

6 Apr

As Helicopter Mom I never seem to feel like my Beloved is completely safe.  When she’s outdoor, someone could grab her, if she’s at home, someone could break in, when she’s at school, bomb threats and gunmen, you get the point…and I’ve often wondered if my own parents felt the same.

So I asked them and no, they didn’t.  They describe a more peaceful world that seemed safer, but they do agree that it may have just been a false sense of security since they didn’t have one million ways to advertise the actual horrible incidents.  TV, social media and cell phones catch a lot of today’s happenings and can instantly tell the world.
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When I was a kid, if the news reporter missed it, you missed it.  And since sensationalism is a major player now, hot items such as missing children, are instantly viral.  I do not ever recall being afraid to play outside or wander around at twilight, a luxury that my unfortunate Beloved does not know.  In my eyes, it’s too risky. Yes I understand that things happen in daylight too, but I presume it’s much easier for mayhem to occur at night.

I lovingly think back on my childhood and playing in the neighborhood at night, collecting fireflies, running tag and hating that long slow walk back to the house right before bath time.  Just Plane Dad recalls enjoying the same freedoms except his fun ended right when his Dad whistled for the start of dinner.  We all know what happened if you were out of earshot or failed to return when that whistle went off!  While we don’t whistle, why would we, our Beloved doesn’t leave the front yard; we do wish we could feel better about allowing some of the freedoms that other kids get.

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Our Beloved will occasionally ask if she can [insert random highly risky activity] with little Johnny down the block and for a brief second, I want to be the cool mom that lets her go.  But then I come to my senses and realize she’s safer at home.  Feel free to have little Johnny come over.  Guaranteed his parents won’t mind at all, because they know Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad, and are confident that when the play date’s over, we will look after his safe return too, by driving him home and feeding him first.

Turns out, it is safer now for kids than when we grew up.  According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, violent crimes (i.e., homicide, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault) among 12-19 year olds, has dropped from 80 to 50 cases per 1,000 children.

Does this put your mind at ease?  It did nothing to sway me, but I want to believe it; I really do.

Hovering high and low, Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

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