Ice skating is the same as parenting-here’s why

9 Nov

Do they ice skate in Florida?

Although we live in sunny Florida, ice skating is a popular pastime.  Me and Just Plane Dad grew up in cold climates with snowy landscapes so on occasion; we like to take our Beloved to the local ice skating rink.  Since she no longer needs our help skating, more accurately, she can skate the pants off us, most times we drop off her and her friends to enjoy the session.

Mom and daughter ice skating

Today, I decided to sit on the sidelines, with my hot chocolate, heavy sweater and enjoy the show.  Yes, it’s ridiculous that I act as if we live in the tundra, but you know the saying, “your blood thins” living here.

It occurred to me that on many levels, ice skating is similar to parenting.

  • Practice slowly but keep a steady pace.
  • You need balance, poise and grace.
  • The rink, like life, is just organized chaos.
  • Strip down when things heat up; you will be out of your comfort zone.
  • Lace up for stability because we’re all skating on thin ice.
  • When you fall, get up quickly.
  • Encourage children to step out onto the ice and just try something new.
  • Gaze at your children through the glass.
  • Break the rules sometimes; skate backwards!
  • Reverse direction is like Plan B.  Life is unpredictable.


Hovering high and low, Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad
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