Dermagist Eye Precision System- follow up

6 Jul

I know that you are all wondering how our eye serum results are going.  Take a quick minute to refresh your memory by reading the BEFORE post.

Okay so here are our results after one week 9 days.

Helicopter Mom: There is a definite difference in my eye area.  I typically wake up with puffy eyes that take a few hours to subside and often there are dark circles.  The dark circles started to fade after a few days and immediately after using the Instant Effect Lifting serum in the morning, my puffiness disappeared.  I would use it after washing my face and prior to makeup.  By the time I headed out the door, my eyes looked amazing!

Ribbet collage

I truly don’t think the photos do them justice since it’s such an awkward shot and we originally took the photo at night in our bathroom and then in the morning (should have used the same light); but it helps you get the gist of the makeover.  

The most incredible result was how soft the skin around my eye area has become.  It literally feels like satin.  It’s so much easier to apply eye shadow and makes my face seem healthier.  I’m not sure why, but it appears as if my eyes are bigger-and I already have large round eyes.  It also lifted my top lid a little in this short time-I noticed because I have to use a bit more shadow now!

I think an instant effect that they don’t mention is how good the serum feels applied on your tired eyes at night.  We did our last appliction before climbing into bed and it just gave me this fresh, crisp feeling.  We have a ceiling fan right over our bed and with the slight wind blowing on the cool liquid around my eyes; it was so relaxing.  It just felt good!


Just Plane Dad: We admittedly didn’t notice much difference with my eyes.  They definitely are much softer and smoother feeling when I apply lotion.  My dark circles still appeared and to be fair, they are a problem for me.  I work long hours, sleep little and have skin coloring that lends itself to darker spots.  I imagine the results may be better as we continue using the product.  My skin is much different than my wife’s so naturally it will take me longer to see results.  

Regardless of my results after one week, I like that the products are beneficial for the long haul.  So as we use them, they will improve even more, help us wrinkle less and our skin will be healthier.  Long term results will be important to us as the years pass.  



We want our US/Canada readers to have the chance at improving their skin and seeing their own dramatic results!  Dermagist has offered one of their Complete Rejuvenation Systems as a giveaway to anyone that hasn’t previously won their products.    

dermagist rejuvenation

This package includes: 

One (1) Jar of Original Smoothing Cream
One (1) Bottle of Dynamic Age Defying Serum
One (1) Bottle of Instant-Effect Lifting Serum


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Hovering high and low, Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

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