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28 Jun

Dermagist provided me and my readers with a sample of their product.  The opinions I share below are factual and my own. 

Just Plane Dad and I are so excited to try out a product made specifically for tired eyes.  As the parents of a teenager, we often find ourselves staying awake until all hours of the night waiting to go pick her up from her friend’s parties or trying to sleep from the bump-bump-bump of music.  Enter Dermagist with their secret weapon designed to combat the “I didn’t get any sleep last night” look.

instant effect lifting serum


Most of you are already aware of the issues with my eyelashes and truth be told, I’m rather happy with how the skin area around my eyes has held up.  I don’t have many wrinkles, thank goodness!  But I do suffer from severe allergies and occasional lack of sleep [see reason why above], so like many of you I am prone to dark coloring and puffiness underneath the eyes. 


Just Plane Dad has always had those rugged good looks; now that he’s older [OMG! when did 40 arrive] he does tend to get dark circles under his eyes.  He’ll tell you it’s because he’s a husband and father but I’m not trying to hear that!


I decided to put this little miracle serum to the ultimate test.  I couldn’t find anywhere on their website that stated if the products were formulated specifically for women so armed with that “lack” of knowledge, I recruited Just Plane Dad into my test lab.  He’s going to use the product alongside me each day and we’ll see who gets the better results.  [sidenote-there is a massage riding on this!]


Each bottle claims to last 30-45 days but honestly, when using the tiny little amount that is needed, it seems like it would last much longer.  I’ll defer to the experts on that but we barely used a pea-sized drop and it easily glided over our entire eye area and surrounding skin.  It did leave a bit of a tacky sticky feeling.

 eye serum

Truthfully, the only concern I have with the drying time or feeling is during my morning ritual.  I use mineral based makeup products so I am forced to wait until it’s completely penetrated or risk powder clumps stuck to my face.  For me, it’s about 3 minutes.  Hubby didn’t appear bothered by this at all.


I will say too that the serum feels wonderful going on.  It’s slippery and silky and I can easily use my ring finger to completely encircle my eye area without any dragging.  So besides it’s cosmeceutical effects, you won’t damage your skin simply applying it.


Since our Dermagist Eye Precision System®  included an Instant Effect Lifting Serum, we decided it was best to use that one in the morning time to be sure that everyone noticed our results!  Why waste it on the sandman?  Use it once a day for instant results and long term wrinkle removal.


Our package also contained the Eye Revolution Gel that works best on dark circles, puffy bags and wrinkles.  It generates cell growth with fruit stem cells [too scientific for my mind but sounds impressive].  You are supposed to use this twice a day so slather it on at night after your normal face-washing routine and then again in the morning.  We use the instant serum first and then follow up with the gel.  We both add SPF face lotion and I then continue on with my makeup.  All in all it’s less than a 10 minute process for me. 


Since my favorite part of product reviews are the before and after shots; ours are below.  The product doesn’t seem to have any time guarantees mentioned [probably because they focus on long term removal] but most of their testimonials state that amazing results were seen in about one week.  We can’t wait! 

 closeup of eyes

closeup of blue eyes

Stay tuned next week for the big reveal…and a special giveaway!  If you can’t wait to win your own, here’s a coupon code for 10% off-use 826INT.  

Hovering high and low, Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

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