Curve fragrance for men; best gift ever!

17 Dec

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My daughter and I love to spend hours spritzing ourselves in the perfume aisle with every available fragrance.  After all, they are testers, aren’t they?  We come out of there smelling of our own made up concoction of flowers, fruit and wood.  As usual, Beloved has waited until the last minute to purchase a gift for The New guy and we’re on the hunt for Christmas present ideas that he’ll love but not break her bank.

Choosing Curve gift sets #ScentSavings #shop #cbias

Beloved and The New Guy do what teens do; they hang out with friends.  Today, unlike when I was young, it’s so important to the millennials (Generation Y) to have the name brand products, clothing, fashion and best cologne.  High end products simply appeal to them and quite frankly, they are used to getting what they want.  I love that Walmart can provide acceptable items within a teenage budget.  It makes Beloved so proud to be able to afford to buy her own gifts this year.  And as a parent, that is truly a Christmas miracle!

#Walmart price matches #ScentSavings #shop #cbias

Beloved decides that she wants to purchase cologne and we immediately head to Walmart.  We can get most of the same celebrity fragrances that we see at the department stores for a lot less money.  Since Beloved is using her own savings for her boyfriend’s gift, it’s important that she have a large selection with an every day low price to choose from that still smells amazing and “expensive”.  She has to like the scent as much as he does.  It’s funny to think that just a few years ago, most teens could care less about their hygiene and now they’ll spend hours primping!

 Curve for Men #ScentSavings #shop #cbias

Beloved is a hoarder of perfume reviews and cologne samples so she knows exactly which one she wants, Curve for Men.  Sadly, it appears as if everyone else wanted the same smell for Christmas; SOLD OUT.  So she’s stuck having to make a different choice.  Looking over the long holiday aisle of cologne gift sets, I quickly realize that Beloved has way too many options and we could be in the store for awhile.  So I do what any other Helicopter Mom would do; provide a solution.


I tell Beloved to grab her two favorites, I find a makeshift blindfold (actually a hat with a penguin on it), she sniffs and chooses.  Yes, the store associate thinks we’ve lost it…but oh well.  We like a little crazy with our holidays.  Curve Appeal For Men is the clear winner!  Look how cute she is wearing that hat.

 Sniff test #ScentSavings #shop #cbias

Curve Appeal has a fruity and woodsy sort of smell.  We got a chuckle reading the bottle’s description which included lavender, watermelon, sandalwood and bergamot.  What’s a bergamot?  (we spend way too much time thinking of possibilities-tee hee)  Curve Appeal’s fragrance is perfect for a young man, nothing too heavily perfumed or thick.  She was so excited that for only $19.88 (yes, you read that right) the set included 2.5 ounces of cologne spray and 3.4 ounces of skin soothing balm.  This is why we shop here for fragrances, $78 value for less than twenty bucks.  Visit for more details. 

 Curve gift sets on shelf #ScentSavings #shop #cbias

My daughter, ever the frugal one, was thrilled that her gift set came with yet another gift.  You get one FREE celebrity voice ringtone inside every Curve gift set.  I voted for Usher’s sultry whisper…but since the gift is for The New Guy…she picked Britney Spears’ candy-coated pipes.  I guess he would rather have her call.  So on Christmas day, besides spending time with our family, we’ll be hanging with a celeb!

 Curve under the tree #ScentSavings #shop #cbias

I’m sure The New Guy will love his presents and now that I’m sort of addicted to the smell, I may rush back to pick up another one for Just Plane Dad.  Seriously, all of these gift sets were less than $40.  Isn’t that less than we typically pay for one bottle of fragrance?  Why not get one for every body on your list?

If you’re still shopping for #ScentSavings, check out the Live SoFab Holiday Digital Magazine.  It’s chock full of creative ways to dress up your holidays and Curve is featured on its pages.

Who do you still have to buy gifts for?  

What is your favorite scent?

Hovering high and low, Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

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