Christmas Memories from top bloggers

16 Dec

Christmas is one holiday that elicits so many memories for us as a family.  I vividly recall most of my youth and hope every season that I’m helping Beloved create the same.  One of my fondest memories is building a snow fort with my sister and dad.  We made an amazing “igloo” and then watched holiday shows with some hot cocoa.  I can recall the cold snow, warm cocoa and the smell of our house wrapped in Christmas.  Even today, some 35 years later, that magical evening brings tears to my eyes.  I love Christmas memories.

Teddy bear on Christmas tree

Memories are most fun when you share them with others.  It reminds you of their validity and warms the hearts of those that hear them.  I have met so many wonderful bloggers that are helping me build memories of a different kind.  I’ve asked each of them to send me their fondest Christmas memory.

Here’s what they had to say.

Crystal of Blue Lobster Book Company loves her grandmother’s stories.  Stop by her Facebook page and let her know you loved her post. You can also find her at Twitter and Pinterest too.

My fondest Christmas memory is from my early childhood, which was spent with my grandmother. We would go into the “cubby hole” (a storage area much like a crawlspace) and pull out all of the Christmas decorations. The decorations were heirlooms and very old, which naturally made them priceless and special. Each had a story that my grandmother would share year after year. We’d spend hours thoughtfully decorating the tree while Christmas music played softly in the background. My favorite part was hanging the clumps of silver icicles and placing the vintage star on top. It had an antique scent that really makes me miss these holidays.

Rabia of The Lieber Family just went through the Santa conversation that all Moms will.   Stop by her Facebook page and let her know you loved her post. You can also find her at Twitter and Instagram too.

My daughter is 11. I just this week found out she no longer believes in Santa Claus. I was somewhat saddened to hear that, and it made me think back to when I found out “the truth.” My older brother is nine years older than I am. We have a younger brother born one year later. My older brother often seemed more like an uncle or babysitter to me growing up because he was in a completely different life stage. But he was still our brother and we often went to him with questions or in seeking life advice. Sometimes he helped us out, sometimes he liked to mess with us. And then there was the year we went to him with our questions about Santa. I think I was around 10 or 11. We asked him to tell us the truth and he did: “Mom and Dad are Santa. They buy you all the gifts. But don’t tell them you know. The longer you believe, the more presents you’ll get.” And that is the reason I don’t remember specifically when Santa stopped bringing me presents!

Angela of Writer Mom Blog helped keep her parents secret.  Stop by her Facebook page and let her know you loved her post. You can also find her at Twitter and Instagram too.

All of my earliest Christmas memories involve being at my Grandparents house and spending the night on Christmas eve, which meant we got to wake up with all our cousins, aunts and uncles and grandparents on Christmas morning! The first Christmas I knew the “truth” about Santa, I assumed it was my responsibility to keep all of the younger children who still believed upstairs and in bed while the parents were putting the gifts out under the tree. As soon as we were all tucked in, one of my younger cousins insisted he needed a drink of water, then to use the bathroom—all of the excuses sound very familiar as a parent—and I stalled and stalled until they all finally fell asleep!  The next morning I told my mom what a great thing I had done and she told me they hadn’t put the gifts out until well after midnight, right before they went to bed and all they were doing was sitting around talking and laughing.  I could have let the little kids go downstairs and no secrets would have been ruined!  I was crushed!


Natalie fondly remembers her grandmother’s precious gift.

I have very few memories of childhood but the Christmas I remember is the most sweet one to me, now that Grandma is gone. My grandmother had Cabbage Patch Kids dolls made for my sisters and me one Christmas. The dolls were hand made by a local lady and wrapped in Glad bags. My grandmother was a Cajun lady and grew up with very little. She always told us she loved us dearly and the fact that she had dolls made for us, instead of buying them, showed thought and love. 


Scarlet of Family Focus Blog always creates ornaments with her family on Christmas.  Check her out on Twitter.

What is your favorite Christmas memory?  

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