Christmas comes early in the Kia Sorento #DriveKia

14 Jun

This countdown to Christmas post was sponsored by Kia Motors who allowed me to drive the awesome 2016 Kia Sorento SXL 2.0T AWD for a week.  #DriveKia

Can you believe that we are just 193 days away from Christmas?  Moms, that means we are halfway to the “gimme this” and “I want that” season of fun.  I start planning for this major holiday right after it ends each year (and by planning, I mean dreading).  And each summer, I freak out and realize that we’re already halfway there.

It’s not that I don’t love Christmas, I do.  The holiday lights and warm inviting smells put me under their spell just like when I was a child.  The hustle and bustle of the stores all decorated in their sparkly pine-scented goodness harken back to the good ‘ole days when my Dad would actually cut down our tree with his bare hands.  Sidenote: I do actually put up our faux tree with my bare hands too…just sayin’.

It’s just that it becomes more and more difficult to grow older and accept the holiday truth.  Every passing year reminds me that my home will soon be without any children rushing down the stairs on Christmas morning.  Oh sure, the dog will still be thrilled to see what Santa brought him, but it’s not the same.  Every December is one step closer to my empty nest.

Dog at Christmas

I’m heading out today in the new Kia Sorento to do a little gift shopping.  Truth be told, I wouldn’t mind if Santa slipped this little 5-door CUV in my stocking.  The upscale interior is stunning and has every conceivable button the little elves at Kia could create. Have I been good all year????

Kia Sorento #DriveKia

Seriously, as long as I have the push start and a way to blast my tunes (Clari-Fi™ technology rocks!); that’s all I need.  I don’t even know or care what the rest of those gadgets do!

I’m not quite sure what to get my daughter yet for this year’s present.  Now that she’s older, she pretty much has everything that she’s ever wanted.  I mean cash always “fits” but I don’t want her to look back on the holiday and wonder if I’d put any effort into it.  Trinkets, jewelry and gift cards just don’t seem to be fitting enough for the nostalgic feelings that I’m having about her youth.  She has always been such a sweet girl that deserves the world.

Maybe I’ll find a time machine at the mall.  On second thought, perhaps I’ll swing by Kia and just see how much this sleigh costs!

Kia Sorento #DriveKia

Any suggestions for what to get the kid you love more than life itself?  

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