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9 Dec

I was compensated by Bloggy Moms to review the Choose Energy website and discuss the savings available when switching.  All honest opinions are my own.  It was an honor working with both of them.


It’s the season of savings, bargains and great deals (thank you Black Friday kick-off), so everyone is surfing the internet to find the hottest deals. I have been pinned to my laptop searching high and low for those last minute gifts and money saving tips.  I never thought about shopping for an energy provider in order to save some of my hard earned cash.  Did you know that you had a choice?

choose energy wind power


I came across a website that promises to help you save up to 25% by switching to Choose Energy.  25% is a pretty big deal if your monthly expenses are the same as mine.


Even though I live in sunny Florida and don’t have to pay astronomical heating bills, the a/c costs are high year round.  It’s not unusual to spend $200 each month so I welcome the chance to put fifty dollars back in my pocket.  Can anyone say monthly mani/pedi?


Here’s how it works.  Head over to the Choose Energy website, enter your zip code in the box and see if it’s available in your area.  It is…great!  Follow the prompts (it takes less than 10 minutes), find the solution that fits your needs and you are on your way to savings.

3 steps to switch to choose energy

If you need a bit more coaxing, here’s some reasons to switch:

  • You’ll save money every month!
  • It’s fast and easy to switch.
  • It’s good for the environment: Want to make sure your next provider is green? They’ll show you what percentage of your power will be renewable.
  • You won’t be in the dark: There won’t be any lapse in your service, so you don’t have to worry about making the switch!


If Choose Energy doesn’t yet service your area, then follow them on Facebook and Twitter or sign up for a Choose Energy account and they’ll keep you informed when plans become available.


Sadly, Choose Energy hasn’t reached my lovely city yet so I looked up my birthplace and found several options immediately. No worries though for my home, Choose Energy is ever expanding so I’ll just wait for my email notification.  I tend to worry about budgeting and savings around back to school time and the holidays.  As I start my shopping, I’ll just pop over and see what ways they can save me $$.


And for all of you sun worshippers, Choose Energy offers solar power too!


Hovering high and low, Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

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