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What to Do After a Cancer Diagnosis

6 Apr

Preparing for illness with Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

A cancer diagnosis suddenly and irreversibly alters the course of a life.  Not only must patients cope with the profound emotional upheaval, they are also forced to manage a long list of practical necessities.  Living with cancer and battling the disease in the most effective way possible requires patience, planning, and support.  It means taking […]

SpermCheck Fertility tests are the first step for men that want to have a baby with their wives.

10 Jan

SpermCheck Fertility kits on Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

It’s estimated that 7 million couples are dealing with infertility and have had trouble conceiving. Guys (yes you) are solely responsible for about 50% of the infertility issues but are often reluctant to be tested due to your perceived notion that infertility is tied to manliness. Which couldn’t be further from the truth. SpermCheck® Fertility […]

Power your Kids through heavy family health news

16 Nov

Holly Didner playing doctor

Jason Didner and his wife Amy are the founders of the children’s music band The Jungle Gym Jam. They write the lyrics together and Amy plays percussion at Jason’s acoustic performances. The group has been awarded the Parents’ Choice Approved seal for their debut album Everyone’s Invited! On Tuesday, Jason and Amy will undergo a […]

Bed Bugs are no joke + Tips to exterminate them

7 Nov

How to get rid of bed bugs on Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

In our house, there’s a traditional bedtime nursery rhyme that is no longer funny. It goes, “Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite.” It was cute and light-hearted—until we actually dealt with bed bugs. Discovering the Bed Bugs The nightmare began after we went away on holidays for a week. On our […]

Pedialyte keeps our family hydrated as we brave the Florida winter!

4 Mar

Pedialyte keeps our family hydrated on Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad #goodbyeflu #seethelyte

Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad have been compensated by Pedialyte® for this post; however, we’re sharing our own personal story and ways to use this product. #goodbyeflu #seethelyte Our daughter has always enjoyed being outdoors.  Nature hikes, playground chaos and running through the grass all top her list of fun things to do.  Even […]

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