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Kids shouldn’t eat junk food (all the time) and why I always pack our lunches…

4 Sep

Back to School lunch bag hacks by Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

Since our Beloved was always too shy to wait in the lunch line with other children, the obvious choice was to make her lunch every day.  That’s right, every single day.  She’s a picky child that only eats certain foods and only if they aren’t touching.  People always tell me she’ll grow out of it; […]

NuNaturals Stevia giveaway-WIN today!

30 Apr

NuNaturals logo

I’m thrilled to be hosting another NuNaturals Stevia giveaway.  NuNaturals Stevia products are a sweet delicious way to reduce sugar and carbohydrates in your diet.  These supplements were voted the best tasting Stevia products available on the market today.    NuStevia products are:        100% Natural        100% Free from Aspartame, Saccharin, Sucralose, corn syrup […]

Smuckers snackation was great, now it’s back to school

29 Sep

Enjoying a Smuckers Uncrustables with Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

I am thrilled to work with The J.M. Smucker Company to tell my family’s story and appreciate that they compensated me for it.  See what happened at the beginning of our story. Now that Beloved is settled and doing well, the Smuckers Snackation is officially over.  It’s back to school and back to work time.  Students […]

Smuckers and Walmart help my college kid plan her “Snackation”

23 Sep

Smuckers snackation at Walmart with Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

I am honored to work with The J.M Smucker Company and I found everything I needed at Walmart.  I was compensated for this post on planning for a college adventure and the snacks that our teens will want in their dorms. #snackation Back to school means kids and parents everywhere are planning for the new […]

Ozeri Green Earth Pan

8 Feb

Ozeri green earth pan with omelet

One of our favorite weekend things to do together as a family is eat breakfast. Sometimes we visit our local bagel shoppe; my favorite is the rye bagel with cream cheese and other times, we head to our neighborhood Dunkin Donuts. Most mornings we stay at home, in our pajamas and express our love by […]

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