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12 Oct

We were compensated to offer our honest review below.  It was an honor to work with

Helicopter Mom was asked to try out a new debit card service where I got to “design” my own card from hundreds of choices.  Since I try to use cash on most occasions, I couldn’t wait to try out a card that had the look I wanted.

The process is so easy and takes less than a few minutes to order your card.  You will however, spend hours scrolling through the designs trying to pick the perfect card for yourself.  I mean there are tons of designs.  I finally narrowed mine down to James Dean, the Chicago skyline and…(tease, you’ll find out later)!

Step #1: Simply visit

Step #2: Look at hundreds of their fun and fashionable cards and choose your favorite.

Step #3: Sign up using your name, address, birth date and social security number (don’t worry the site is safe)

Step #4: Wait a few days for the card to arrive in the mail

Step #5: Activate your card with a simple phone call

Step #6: Add money to your card

Step #7: Show off your new card when shopping!

Here’s the card background that I picked.  Isn’t “Zach” cute?  I have always loved giraffes and I thought this would be a great way to show it.  I truthfully thought I might be alone in my fondness for this crazy shaped animal but I get comments about him whenever I use my card to pay.  People love giraffes, who knew?


Visa prepaid cards from

Original photo provided by


Things I like about the card:

  • A million options to choose from, pick your favorite
  • Quickly get a debit card with 100% approval and no credit checks; no more waiting in line at bank
  • Accepted all over the place so I can shop at the mall


Things I don’t like about the card:

  • Way too many fees to compete with others; come on guys…FREE is in!
  • Direct deposit of $800/monthly or else you are charged a fee of $5.95
  • Not suitable for teen money management (they can’t meet the high deposit amounts needed)


All in all, I think the cards are a novel idea if it’s really important to you to pick your own design.  My bank doesn’t offer that so I like that option.  However, I feel the fees and monthly deposit requirements are a bit restrictive.  Yes, we would always deposit that much if working full time however what if something happened to our income?  The fees would quickly eat up any meager balance left over.

And I’m sorry, but in today’s financial world with millions of choices, there are too many competitors vying for my business that offer FREE cards and goodies.  This is one debit card that I’ll have to pass on.  Sorry Zach.

Hovering high and low, Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

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