Gun safety in the home begins with the owner

20 Jun

Gun safety in the home wasn’t on my agenda to discuss but this topic seems to be everywhere in the news, posts, schools, TV…so I wanted to express my opinion.  I realize that everyone feels differently so please feel free to [respectfully] state your opinions in the comments below.  Together, we can protect our rights and our children.

mom protecting baby with gun

Our family enjoys the gun ranges.  Just Plane Dad was prior military and can shoot better than Wyatt Earp.  Me, not so much, and most of the time the noise and power of the gun still scares me, but I like the feeling of empowerment that I get when I’ve learned to handle the gun appropriately.  It’s very important to our family that this hobby is done precisely and accurately and with the huge understanding of responsibility and gun safety that it must have.  I understand fully the damage that a weapon can do.

I have heard so much talk lately about removing our “right to bear arms” and placing a multitude of restrictions on the arms I choose to bear.  I don’t recall so many restrictions on the original amendment in the Constitution.  As a mater of fact, it clearly states that as long as I’m using the gun lawfully, it’s deemed acceptable.  This brings me to my major issue with the politicians and naysayers that want to change and remove these rights. 

THE PEOPLE THAT ARE DOING HEINOUS CRIMES AREN’T USING THEM LAWFULLY.  So in essence, government wants to place more limits on me, the everyday legal gun-toting mom blogger that would never think of killing someone for fun.  Now the zombie targets at the end of the range, that’s a different story, but beautiful club goers and teachers and students…hell no. 

I don’t understand how making it harder for me to have a gun and than placing limitations on the type of gun I’d like to use can keep the world safer.  I don’t have ill intentions.  The evil idiots that are hurting our children don’t follow the rules and could care less what the laws say…so we’re not safer by making it harder for law-abiding citizens to possess weapons.  Prosecute those that get weapons to harm.  Enforce more rules on them. 

Now, while I believe that I should have a right to own any gun I choose legally, I am definitely for changing some rules for gun owners.  More rules to make it harder for would be criminals to steal my legal weapons and then use them.  Or for making the application process a bit more comprehensive.  Once I purchase a gun, there are very few rules and very little discussion on keeping it safely stored inside my home.  Nobody checks to ensure that I’ve locked it away tightly out of sight.  Nobody even asks about it. 

Why not have a law enforced that mandates the type of safe or locked drawer it must remain in?  Why not enforce a law that states how far from the gun cabinet the key should be kept?  Or that I need to prove mental competence on the application?  How about major fines or jail if my gun is found to be accessible to others in the home? I imagine many would think twice about leaving it out in the open if a hefty $5K fine was imposed for doing so.  I have earned the right to purchase and carry the weapon and with that right, should be the responsibility of ensuring it’s not taken from my home and used illegally. 

I also think it may be prudent for the vendors to ask more questions regarding who does actually live in the home where the gun will be kept.  If you live with children, a spouse or a family member with a history of psychiatric issues, then rules should be more stringent for keeping the gun at home.  How many horrible crimes that we’ve heard of lately, involve children taking their parents guns and then committing crimes? Many, unfortunately. 

Gun owners should not make it easy for their troubled family member to get to these weapons…especially if that person is trained in operating them.  Lock your guns up and don’t tell anyone where the key is located.  Rent a safe deposit box for the weapon that is kept under the watchful eye of a security guard.  Hide them and don’t take them out.  Keep it protected from theft.  Enjoy your collection in private on an appropriate gun range instead of bragging about it to friends. Again, as a typical hobbyist, I wouldn’t be opposed to answering these questions truthfully and abiding by them. 

Parents, I know this sounds harsh but as adults, we have a responsibility to keep our children and others safe.  Do so diligently.  Fight for your rights. Fight for change.

Government, make wiser decisions where weapons are concerned and honor the Rights our forefathers bestowed upon us.  Recognize and reward those citizens that uphold the law and don’t penalize them for your lack of control over the criminals.  

Hovering high and low, Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

3 Responses to “Gun safety in the home begins with the owner”

  1. Gregory October 26, 2016 at 2:40 AM #

    Gun safety is something that must be taken very serious. I´m so sad when I hear or read about news stories where children get their hands on guns. Most often because their parents have not been careful enough.
    With weapons come great responsibilities. Please handle each gun with great respect.

  2. larissa August 31, 2016 at 3:51 PM #

    Thanks so much for this! I think it is about time someone got real with gun safety and the way you should treat it. This is a really great post, thanks for sharing!

  3. Adrienne July 23, 2016 at 1:22 PM #

    I do agree the laws for those who are BREAKING gun laws need to be stricter. I am not sure how I feel about your suggestions for enforcing safer gun practices at home – while guns need to be kept out of the reach of children and others who don’t have permission to use them – having law enforcement be able to knock on my door to check is not what I want, either. Law enforcement needs to be enforcing the laws of illegal possession of firearms more than checking up on me to see what I am doing with my legally purchased firearms.

    I am so tired of hearing people (not just politicians) complain and rally for stronger gun laws. Have they forgotten the people who have shot up the schools, federal agencies, and night clubs were BREAKING THE LAW when they were killing those people and injuring others?

    The right to bare arms is a constitutional RIGHT not a privilege – I think too many people forget (or where not even taught) it is “THE RIGHT TO BARE ARMS.” No, not the want or the desire. It is OUR RIGHT.

    Perhaps a before-you-can-purchase requirement is a gun safety class taught by certified NRA instructors or those who teach military/law enforcement. This would be okay with me as long as the classes are available year round, do not cost (or the cost is minimal as to not deter people from taking it), and will cover the use of firearms, how to store/clean safely, gun safe and holster use, as well as what types of firearms are best for self defense/hunting/target practice.

    I do agree people with mental health issues – especially trained in firearms use – need to be screened. I know in my state if you have been admitted to a psych ward you are not allowed to have a concealed carry permit. It does make sense as you are not sure what carrying a firearm (or the potential to carry) could trigger in someone dealing with a mental health crisis.

    I applaud you for taking a stand on this important issue! I think you and I feel similar with firearms – the noise can be too much for me at times, I am still getting comfortable with the firearms I am able to use at the range, and I would not use a firearm to injure or kill another person (or animal) unless my life or the life of those around me was in immediate danger.

    I also agree reducing OUR RIGHT to BARE ARMS is a dumb way to go about getting the ILLEGALLY owned guns off of the streets and out of the hands of criminals and those contemplating violence.

    Why do we, as LAW ABIDING CITIZENS, have to give up our RIGHT TO BARE ARMS so the criminals who break the law can do it more and more? How many shooters could have been stopped in their tracks (either injured or killed depending upon situation) had someone, just ONE PERSON been carrying concealed?

    Guess I should have written a blog post of my own on this, LOL.


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