Callie’s Charleston Biscuits #giveaway

26 Aug

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PICTURE THIS! You and 50 of your closest friends plan a holiday party on a wintery evening complete with hot toddies and caroling. The party is a smashing success and you can’t imagine leaving to drive home in the cold snowy night. Your friend has this amazing log cabin in the woods and everyone decides to stay over and catch up on their lives; so much has happened since last year!

You all finally fall asleep exhausted from talking and only awaken when the bright sunlight streams over the snowy landscape, creating sparkles as far as the eye can see. You’re starving and believe that your nose is playing tricks on you. You rush to the kitchen to see what’s cooking. Your friend {now forever known as your best friend} has gone on a Callie’s Charleston Biscuits Bender and the whole home smells like heaven.

This scenario could be your next holiday gathering if you enter the Callie’s Charleston Biscuits Bender giveaway.
Callie's Charleston Biscuits
The Package includes all of the items shown below and is guaranteed to be a hit.

 1 Package of all 7 varieties of Callie’s Charleston Biscuits
 1 Container of each Flavors of Callie’s Pimento Cheese
 1 Bag of Callie’s Roasted Salted Cocktail Pecans
 1 Package of Callie’s Biscuit Blend Whole Bean Coffee
 1 Jar of Peach Basil Jam
 1 lb of Callie’s South Carolina GRITS
 1 Jar of Callie’s Honey
 1 lb Caw Caw Creek Slab Bacon
 1 lb Belle’s Country Sausage
 1 Bottle of Jack Rudy Tonic
 1 Bottle of Jack Rudy Grenadine
 Juicy Bloody Mary Mix (2 servings)
 Juicy Margarita Mix (2 servings)


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Since Callie’s Charleston Biscuits is a sponsor of our 2013 Back to School Social Party, I sure hope that we all get to “eat and greet” during our first Twitter party on September 15th. We will rock on through the 18th; a full four days of fun! Sign up HERE to participate. Can’t wait to see ya!

Hovering high and low, Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

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