Buffalo Wings & Rings-friends gather here for great food

3 Jun

This shop has been compensated by #CollectiveBias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine.  This story is about an evening out with friends at Buffalo Wings & Rings and how wives can survive and enjoy the night out at a sports bar.  #BuffaloWingsAndRings

Dining at Buffalo Wings & Rings #Buffalowingsandrings #ad

As busy parents, we find it difficult to get out with friends as often as we’d like. Schedules get in the way all too often.  We noticed that it had been so long since we’d seen our friends and decided to plan a great night out.

Buffalo Wings & Rings #buffalowingsandrings #ad

Since we live so close to Orlando, we tend to gravitate towards its restaurants and Just Plane Dad heard about a new menu launch at Buffalo Wings & Rings for this sports season.  This sports bar is a great place to hang out with friends and to meet new friends [or rivals] when rooting for your favorite team.   We set a date for the weekend and got to planning for our big night out!

Friends dine at #buffalowingsandrings #ad

Part of hanging out together, is actually getting to spend time together.  So you can imagine my girlfriend’s reaction when I told her that we were headed to a sports bar during baseball season.  She was excited to try the food and not too thrilled with the fact that our guys would be MIA for most of the night.  I have to agree; sports seem to have a way of turning men into zombies.  Only they aren’t walking dead…they are sitting comatose.

Just Plane Dad has me so excited for the new ballpark menu and since it’s only around for a limited time, I have to get creative with convincing my peep she needs to join me.  After all, I can’t be left alone with these guys!

Menu at Buffalo Wings & Rings #buffalowingsandrings #ad

Ballpark Pretzel Bites #buffalowingsandrings #ad

Ballpark Pretzel Bites

Ladies, sports bars are great too.  We plan a daytime trip to prepare for our evening out.  Speed dial my local salon and we’re all set for pedicures.  My salon just happens to be near our mall so a little window shopping works too.  Convinced how much fun our dinner will be, my friend agrees.

Just Plane Dad eating wings #buffalowingsandrings #ad

I’ve heard the servings at Buffalo Wings & Rings are large so we forgo eating lunch while we’re out.  I want to save every inch of tummy space I have because they serve only fresh food that’s never frozen and made with quality in the kitchen by their staff chef.  Hmmm…sports bar is looking up!

Our dinner #buffalowingsandrings #ad

Wasabi Wings #buffalowingsandrings #ad

Cool Wasabi Wings

The big day has arrived and we’re all excited.  We decide to start the night off with their Jack’d Up Wings and Ballpark Pretzel Bites.  I’m definitely getting the Cobb Salad and Turtle Lava Cake (hey, I skipped lunch).

Cobb salad #buffalowingsandrings #ad

Cobb Salad

The food is amazing and really does have a homemade taste.  I’m not sure how to describe all of the wacky yet delicious flavors we ate.  To give you an idea, the Ballpark Pretzel Bites are deep fried and served with queso dipping sauce topped with jalapeños and salsa.  Not too spicy but with a little kick.  Goodbye, boring old mustard…this is my new way of dipping.  The Jack’d Up Wings come with caramel corn on the plate…what?

The guys wanted to try every imaginable wing coating and settled on:  Teriyaki, Cool Wasabi, Garlic-Q and Sweet BBQ.  We also ordered their Chicken and Black Bean Eggrolls, Onion Rings, Fries, Island Diamond Hot Dog and Pulled Pork sandwich.  When our table filled up with food, we decided to all share and tried a little a lot of every option.  I was pleasantly surprised at the prices; they were reasonable and that’s great for those on a budget (like we are).

Dinner at  #buffalowingsandrings #ad

Island Diamond, Onion Rings, Chicken and Black Bean Egg Rolls and BWandR Chili

Everyone loved the food and the guys were immediately drawn to the huge TV’s plastered everywhere.  True to its sports bar theme, baseball and hockey players adorned each screen.  While the guys cheer on their teams, I propose a fun little game.

Vanilla Creme Brulee Cheesecake #buffalowingsandrings #ad

Vanilla Creme Brulee Cheesecake

Turtle Lava Cake #buffalowingsandrings #ad

Turtle Lava Cake

Funnel Stixx #buffalowingsandrings #ad

Battered Up Funnel Stixx

We all love to gossip about the latest “It” girl or celebrity so I knew my friend couldn’t resist a game of “You Look Like a Celebrity”.  Here’s how you play, feel free to change up the game however you like. “You Look Like an Animal…You look like my twin”, etc.

  1. Somebody names a random celebrity…like Brad Pitt.  Okay, not so random, he’s dreamy.
  2. Everyone else must scour the restaurant to find the person that most looks like the celebrity.
  3. The first person to “find” the celebrity gets a bite of dessert.  Have you seen their desserts…you’ll want to be the first?
  4. Play continues until dessert is gone or the guys get interested (believe me, they will).
  5. Bonus points if you get the staff looking for your celebrity.


The game is silly and fun and really gets everyone giggling.  The waiter we had was phenomenal with a great sense of humor and …and coincidentally, looked a little like Bruno Mars!

The atmosphere in sports bars is upbeat and happy, unless your team is losing, so reach out to other diners with a smile.  We found everyone to be chatty and friendly and having a great time.  Consider Buffalo Wings & Rings the next time you want a great place to meet up with friends.

Buffalo Horns collage  #Buffalowingsandrings #ad

Looking for a fun restaurant to hang with friends?  What menu item will you choose?

Cheers #buffalowingsandrings #ad

Hovering high and low, Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

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