The Bubblegum Princess

19 Oct

I was ecstatic to receive a complimentary copy of Julie Gribble’s book, Bubblegum Princess, to review. 

Julie Gribble is a fun author with an obvious love of the Royal Family.  Her book, Bubblegum Princesss regales the tale of Katy, a witty, kind and brilliant girl, who is obsessed with blowing bubbles.  Really, what kid isn’t?

The illustration, provided by Lori Hanson, is beautifully colored and landscapes the entire width of the book.  She has not left out a single detail and I found myself getting caught up in a game of “eye spy” looking over each page.

bubblegum princess katy

Imagine the excitement when young Katy is invited to the Queen’s palace?  Her parents are worried that her bubble blowing will not leave the best impression on the Royal Family. Graciously they decide to accept the invitation and all is going well until that huge bubble….

You didn’t think I’d spoil the surprise did you?

This book is a treat for the eyes and the story is engaging.  Children aged 6-9 years old will no doubt enjoy the alliteration and sometimes rhyming affect of the text.  I am not quite sure they will understand the significance of Katy’s trip or the obvious reference to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge…but I applaud any book that opens up the discussion between parent and child.

Just think how excited your little one will be when you explain about the “real life” Queen and castle.  This book reminded me of my fondness for the British monarchy and made me hope for Katy’s adventures to become a series.

After all, doesn’t she marry the Prince?  

Julie Gribble has a crowning jewel in Bubblegum Princess.  Purchase it now on Amazon and connect with Julie on Facebook and Twitter.

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