2013 Back To School Social Party-Join Today!

21 Aug

Greetings! I’m thrilled to participate in this year’s Back to School Social Party with Lexie @vb_mama and so many other amazing bloggers; all that talent in one place is amazing!  We bump into each other online but this event will definitely give us a chance to get to know each other better and foster lifelong friendships. #backtoschoolSP

Before I tell you how to join me at the party, let me tell you a little about why you should.  First off, I love a good party-don’t let the name fool ya!  I may be an overprotective mom but I’m happy to let loose at an event.  I’m ½ of the Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad parenting blog team and together we’re raising a teenage daughter.  We blog about the joys and difficulties of parenting in our unique style.


We got involved with blogging because we were sick and tired of all of the bad press and negative comments made about our type of [helicopter] parenting.  It’s near impossible to find any positive media attention on staying highly involved in your child’s life so we decided to create it.  We have raised a warm, loving, respectful, highly capable teenager and our story has not been tragic; as some would like you to believe always happens with parents that hover.


We know our most important job (besides our 20 year marriage) is raising our daughter and we also know that yes, unfortunately, our involvement will diminish as she ages.  No, we won’t be those parents that peep through her college dorm windows or bring her forgotten lunchbox.  We don’t need to; we’ve raised her to be an adult.


We don’t want to push our parenting style on others but we do want parents everywhere to stop bashing each other and instead share their opinions and expertise.  Think what we could accomplish?


Now that you’ve learned a little about me, let’s get to the PARTY details.  The 2013 Back to School Social is a celebration of “free-time” for parents.  Yay free time!!!

adults cheering at party

Free Time-PARTY!!


Kids are back in school now and we finally have time to focus on our social media activities.  If you’re a blogger, you need to be there.


You also need to use this coupon code “twentyFive” for additional savings off the tiered packages.  And to get ALL of the good stuff, you’ll want to be in Tier 3 like me. Did I say “good stuff”?  Yep you heard that right.  Check out the brand sponsors that our supporting our work online.


The party starts on September 15th and will rock on through the 18th.  Four days of fun!  Sign up HERE.  Can’t wait to see ya!

Hovering high and low, Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

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