Box Tops For Education Bonus App is easy to use and we earn more with the Buy 5 Earn $5 at Walmart

8 Aug

It’s almost Back -To-School and we’ve partnered with Walmart to highlight the mobile Box Tops Bonus App and Buy 5, Earn $5  program. We are compensated for this post and offer our honest experience.

Moms, back-to-school is here so you know what that means, don’t you?  Backpacks, school clothes, glue sticks and Box Tops For Education.  The Box Tops For Education Buy 5, Earn $5 for schools program is alive and well at Walmart…and you know you need to head over there. Do you find yourself at Walmart every.single.weekend like me?  

Over the summer your kids enjoyed their break, but let’s not forget that their school is working tirelessly behind the scenes to create an amazing experience for them this year.

Box Tops For Education is an easy way to help and it’s now easier than ever with the Box Tops Bonus App on your phone!

Since day 1 of kindergarten, my family has donated all of our Box Tops clips to my kid’s school. We even sent them into my niece and nephew’s teachers because there is always a need for the money you get in return for collecting them.  Haven’t heard about this?  Basically, brands offer these small #BoxTops on their packaging and when you donate them or upload your receipt to the app; they get cold hard cashClip Box Tops For Education with Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad #BoxTops #ad

Schools can use their money for:

  • Field Trips
  • Classroom Supplies, Books and Technology
  • Sports & Playground Equipment
  • School Activities like Dance, Theater and Science Club
  • Anything they need. (Watch my video to hear what our school did to improve dental hygiene)


Isn’t it nice to know that the money earned directly affects the children and teens experience at school?


PROS: Since I contribute to Box Tops For Education

  • I feel fine passing on some of the other school fundraisers that bring “stuff” into my home
  • The money goes directly to the school’s needs (and believe me, they have needs)
  • The refund process is super simple; turn them in and get a check
  • Kids love collecting, gathering and turning in the Box Tops
  • Even your teens like finding Box Tops on products using the Bonus App!


CONS: Okay, there is the occasional paper cut getting that darn thing clipped…


Walmart is kicking off the Back-To-School season by promoting their  Box Tops program Buy 5, Earn $5 in Box Tops!  Today’s lunch is tacos and black beans with rice. We’re in Florida so this meal is a staple here. It’s a pretty messy meal so we’ll grab some Viva Vantage paper towels for easy clean up.

The easiest way I’ve found to menu plan is to use the mobile Bonus App to locate products at Walmart. If your kids love playing with your phone, put them to work.

Here’s how to use the Box Tops Bonus App:

  1. Browse and select offers within the App; buy them at Walmart and save your receipt!
  2. Upload your receipt using the Bonus App. Click to learn how.
  3. Box Tops confirms your receipt via email and your school gets the credit.

If you haven’t used the #BoxTops Bonus App before then spend a few minutes signing up online and assign the earnings to your favorite school.  Sign up here.

Have you pledged to help your kid’s school yet? 

Our local school has set a goal of $1000 and I’m doing my part to make sure they meet it. I called over to the office to find our this year’s Box Tops For Education coordinator (hello Sarah!) but you can even just mail them to the office or stop by and plop down your stuffed baggie. Doesn’t have to be fancy, just has to be done.

Tips to make the collection easy:

  • Always send your Box Tops to school in bundles of 50
  • Get to know your Coordinator and ask how you can help
  • Use the collection sheets, DOWNLOAD them here..


Are your children all grown up?

No fret, you can still help throughout your community.  Feels good, doesn’t it?

  1. Find a collection drive in your area. Make a pledge to contribute clips all year long (hey, you’re buying these products anyway). Drop off your clips. Trust me, they’ll be thrilled!
  2. Install the Walmart App, shop and then upload your receipts to the Box Top Bonus App.
  3. Ask your company to donate their clips to you to collect
  4. Offer to purchase a gift card to use as an incentive for the kid who collects the most
  5. Volunteer to help bundle the clips in October and February


BUY  CLIP  SEND  EARN with the Box Tops Bonus App

Hovering high and low, Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

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