Review of Use What You Know: A Business Idea Guide for Moms by Joyce Brewer

27 Jul

I received a complimentary copy of this book to review and all opinions are factual.  If you choose to purchase the book through my affiliate link below, Joyce Brewer will pay me a commission.  This does not cost my readers anything additional.

I was given the opportunity to review Joyce’s newest book and I jumped at the chance to read it after I saw the title.  Like many Moms, I was never quite sure what I should do or how I could work at home but I knew I wanted to.  My daughter Beloved has grown up so fast and I’m blessed to have been able to stay home with her.  I have always been a proponent of entrepreneurship and I bet you are too!

Emmy award-winning TV journalist and e-book author Joyce Brewer Joyce Brewer created and hosts the successful website  Her book answers a question she was getting asked after starting her blog and video business: “How did you come up with your idea?” Her answer was that she relied on her skills as a TV journalist and new mom. Of course, we women weren’t content with that answer; we needed more, so Joyce decided to share her knowledge and expertise in this e-book.  It’s designed to help Moms create work-at-home businesses using skills, knowledge and expertise they already have. 

Sounds like the perfect answer; build a business using the skills, knowledge and expertise that we already have.  As Moms, those possibilities are endless!

Use What You Know: A Business Idea Guide for Moms is full of tidbits to help you get started on your own journey to freedom, things like:  UseWhatYouKnowCover-3

  • 40+ business ideas Moms can start with little or no start up money
  • In-depth interviews with successful Mompreneurs; step-by-step advice on how they turned their ideas into a business
  • Informative videos
  • Links to free & low-cost business resources

My favorite takeaways were:

  1. The Exercises.  They show you how to succeed with suggestions like “Create a list of 3 tasks to accomplish each day”.
  2. The Moms in the book discuss startup costs for their businesses and they are completely affordable!
  3. The book offers website resources and group forums that are beneficial. 
  4. The Worksheets.  Easy to fill in and the questions get my wheels churning with business ideas. 
  5. Joyce ends the book with a video on an easy way to start a business today!  Imagine, you could start today!

I won’t spoil the surprise by telling you the interviewees in this book but each of them come from a highly diverse background with success stories that made a regular ole’ mom blogger like me realize the potential I have within.  Watch out Scary Mommy!  How does she do it all? 

PICTURE THIS…you and your family can take vacation whenever you want, you can make your own hours, you can mingle with other Moms on your free time [not the mandated corporate world lunch hour] and you are in charge of your earnings potential.  Sign me up!

Readers can download the e-book for a very affordable $12.    Click here to visit Business Idea Guide for Moms.

I HIGHLY recommend that you make an investment in your family’s future that could change your life and give you the flexibility Moms crave.

Hovering high and low, Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

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