6 Reasons To Avoid (mail-order) Aligners

26 Dec

Are you also infatuated with currently trending mail-order aligners because of the affordability and convenience they offer? If yes, then you should reconsider the notion of crooked teeth treatment without getting any X-ray, expert analysis, and follow-up appointments with an orthodontist.

Do you still think they can be effective? This article will provide you with 6 reasons to not fall for this much-advertised miracle fix.

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Concept of Mail-order Aligners

For those who don’t know, mail-order aligners, or at-home teeth aligners kits are a set of alignment trays. They are sent to you by mail after providing your teeth impression to the mail-order aligners company. These companies offer crowded teeth treatment at half the price compared to professional orthodontic treatment.

They also lure you with the idea of not needing to visit your dentist multiple times for check-ups and aligners adjustments.

6 Problems With Mail-order Aligners

Let’s look specifically at 6 primary reasons for not using the at-home teeth aligners kit for crooked teeth treatment.

  • You are not Monitored by a Licensed Orthodontist

Orthodontists don’t only treat misalignment of your teeth. They are qualified and trained to fix all kinds of oral health issues along the way. If you go for proper orthodontic treatment, you get regular monitoring and personalized care. An orthodontist can assess if you need aligners or crowded teeth braces.

They can suggest the time and number of adjustments required for your condition. All these facilities are not available if you opt for mail-order aligners.

  • Your Treatment isn’t Altered When Required

Mail-order aligners companies plan your crowded teeth treatment based on your dental impression. But the treatment doesn’t always go as planned. Your teeth move faster or slower at some point in time. In that case, the current aligners need to be readjusted according to the position of your teeth.

An orthodontist does that via regular check-ups and progress monitoring. In comparison, no orthodontist is there to alter your treatment in the case of mail-order aligners.

  • You won’t know if Aligners is the Right Treatment for You

Not everyone is a candidate for aligners. There are various crooked teeth treatments like veneers, crowns, crowded teeth braces, etc. Your orthodontist decides the right kind of treatment according to the condition of your teeth. There is no qualified orthodontist available to tell you the proper treatment for you if you are using mail-order aligners.

Moreover, if aligners are not suitable for you but you keep wearing them, your condition can worsen due to the lack of proper treatment.

  • You Won’t know Any Underlying Oral Health Issues

The impression of your teeth doesn’t show any underlying oral health issues between gum lines and jaw. But your orthodontist can detect and further probe any such problem during your regular check-ups. Mail-order aligners also can’t take care of additional concerns which need to be resolved for the success of crooked teeth treatment.

For example, tasks like widening your jaw and adjusting your jawbone according to the treatment progress are not possible without the help of an orthodontist.

  • You May End up Spending More

The whole idea of getting crooked teeth treatment via mail order aligners is to save money and time. But if the treatment goes wrong (which is quite likely), your medical expense will ultimately increase. First, you will pay for the at-home teeth aligners kit. Afterward, you will pay for orthodontic treatment.

If the mail-order aligners end up damaging your teeth significantly, the orthodontic surgery can burn a bigger hole in your pocket.

  • You Provide Impressions via an Outdated Way

The mail-order aligners companies take your dental impression via outdated and messy techniques. These traditional methods don’t even guarantee well-fitting aligners. And you could go through a lot of discomfort because of that. Orthodontists use the latest technology of digitally capturing your dental impression through a laser scanner.

This latest technology has enabled orthodontists to work with much lesser fitting issues and rejections.

Wrapping up!

You are seeking a beautiful smile and a confident personality. You can get it through proper orthodontic treatment from a licensed orthodontist. On the other hand, it’s extremely risky to go for quick fixes like mail-order aligners. This can jeopardize your oral health, leaving you frustrated and confused. Choose wisely!

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Author Bio: Creating perfect smiles is what Dr. Satish Pai is committed to. An orthodontist by profession, he believes that a perfect smile is a powerful part of a person’s personality. When he is not working hard on perfecting his patients’ smiles at Putnam Ortho, he is busy writing engaging articles about everything related to healthy and perfect smiles. His other passions include golf, yoga and surfing. Spending time with his family always brings a smile on his face.

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