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8 Reasons Why You Must Read Bedtime Stories to Your Child

12 Jun

Mom and Daughter reading

Reading sparks children’s imagination, enhances vocabulary and communication skills, helps perform better academically, and basically sets kids up for success. English reading for kids, especially, is critical in acquiring skills needed to succeed in the 21st century, such as presentation and public speaking skills. There are many things parents can do to enhance reading skills […]

Yoga For Kids: Why Teaching It Is Important

15 May


Everyone knows that it is essential for kids to be active! However, when thinking about activities for kids, yoga is often the last exercise that comes to mind. It may be surprising to learn, but there are plenty of yoga poses that will benefit kids. Yoga kids are happier and healthier. There probably isn’t a […]

Teen Clothing Trends | Stackable Rings | Celebrate the Seasons!

12 Mar

Teen clothing for Fall by Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

Finally we are expecting some warmer weather here in the mountains but I want to cling to my fall and winter wear.  Don’t you just love the coziness? My daughter shares my love of all things hygge and put together some of her own ideas for the almost over season.  Here are some teen clothing […]

Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad’s Christmas List

23 Dec

Christmas stocking and lights

Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad’s Christmas List WE WISH: That every family had enough to eat. For snow in Florida on Christmas Eve. All parents will stay together. To remember that Jesus is the reason for this season. Just Plane Dad’s mom was still with us. That for one night, we could freeze time. […]

Mom Monday-The Great Christmas Tree Hunt

21 Dec

The Great Christmas Tree Hunt on Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

A holiday tradition is defined as a belief or behavior that is passed down and has a symbolic meaning from the past. Our family mission is to make laughter a priority in each holiday tradition we have. The possibilities in our family seem to be endless.  Here’s our tale on the great Christmas tree hunt. […]

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