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28 Aug

Does your face radiate the freshness of your youthful, exuberant spirit? Ageless Derma’s skin rejuvenating products offer you the opportunity to recapture your youthful essence.   And don’t we all want that?

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I have always used moisturizing lotion on my face, mainly because I had dry skin even as a teenager, and it just felt more comfortable.  I didn’t really think much about it at the time.  Fast forward, 25 years and I’m so glad that I was religious about lotion and SPF protection.  I think my skin looks pretty darn good for my age and certainly better than if I hadn’t properly cared for my skin.

The lotion was never specialized, more of an allover moisturizer and as I’ve aged; I would definitely like to start getting products formulated for certain trouble areas.  For instance, the eyes and lips.

Ageless Derma is a sponsor of this year’s 2013 Back to School Social Party and I am so glad that I found them.  Their unique formulation of natural ingredients is the result of research by a team of chemists, estheticians, and physicians.  Enter to win $300 worth of products below!

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Just imagine all of the beauties that will be attending this year’s EVENT.  To register for the party on 9/15-9/18, click HERE.  Be sure to purchase Tier 3 tickets so that you have attendance to all of the fun stuff that is going on.  See you there!

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