180 Experiences that will Strengthen your Marriage

25 Feb

Okay, so I guess you’re wondering why Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad have moved from helicopter parent topics of discussion to marriage; truthfully, we asked ourselves the same question.  When Dustin Wiggins asked us to review his newest book, 180 Experiences that will Strengthen your Marriage, we thought perhaps he had reached out to the wrong writers and we just happened to get a copy of it in the mail.  But as we read through his story and experiences, we knew it was important enough to share with our readers.  Here’s why.
180 experiences that will strengthen your marriage
As helicopter parents, you are well aware of our need to do the best we can for our daughter.  We go to great lengths to provide her with a wonderful life.  At the core of her happiness, is the fact that her parents remain devoted to her and each other.  Hovering or not, we are damn good parents and seemed to have succeeded at raising her.  And since we’ve been married just under 22 years (how is that possible since I’m only 29), I guess we know a little something in the love department too.

We truly believe that a strong marriage foundation will see us through anything that life throws our way.  We have already survived extended and numerous military separations, in-laws, extreme weather and the big scary “C” word.  No matter what, we believe our first priority to parenting our daughter is by loving each other and placing our marriage on a pedestal.  This book shows you how to get back to the romance you may have long forgotten as life got in the way.

So now you see how this book is meant for parents everywhere.  Truth be told, Dustin had us at veteran (he just got home from Afghanistan) and we would have promoted his book no matter the topic.  You all know our fondness for all things military.  But reading the book and feeling the thoughtfulness and love he put into his writing made us so glad that he found us.  Who doesn’t need a gentle reminder to love one another, every once in a while?

The book delves into how we all need to remember what drew us to each other while acknowledging that for some, like us, who have been married forever…we may need some prompting.  His book is full of all the reasons that it’s important to ignore those with a negative attitude about marriage and reignite the fire you’ve always had for each other.  Sounds fun, huh?

Starting with his Five Resolutions, adding in the secret to never fighting with your spouse (c’mon we all want to know that secret) and ending with 180 different ideas to do together, this book is phenomenal.  Just Plane Dad and I are still working our way through each experience but I’ll share one of my personal favorites.  Mainly because if I can get a love letter out of Just Plane Dad, it pretty much makes my day!  Okay guys, don’t freak out…most of the experiences aren’t this deep and you’ll enjoy each new activity.  And you can always add in your own changes if something feels awkward.

Experience #42 is creating a TIME CAPSULE:

Write a note to your future self and one to your spouse. In the note include your goals for the next year. Gather a few items that you feel would be fun to discover when you open the time capsule next year.

Put a note in your calendar to open up the time capsule together in exactly one year. When you open it, discover how well you did with accomplishing your goals.

Here’s how we updated it to our liking. Instead of opening our time capsule in exactly one year, we’re going to wait for our anniversary and include a special love note.

This book is designed to bring couples closer together and I think he’s hit a home run.  The author even encourages couples to share their progress online using social media with specifically designed hashtags.  Online participation creates a culture of couples anxious to spread ideas that will help strengthen marriages everywhere.  Just think how much stronger the world would be if we all celebrated and encouraged married couples instead of talking about the “ole ball and chain”.

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180 Experiences that will Strengthen your Marriage is on sale now at Amazon.

Lucky for you we are giving away a copy below.  Enter to win and get started on improving your marriage tonight!

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Hovering high and low, Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

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